Twitch Drops Hero Image

Twitch Drops are back! Watch streamers play Dreadnought for a chance to get free items.

Starting May 15th, Credits, coatings—and even the occasional Hero Ship—will be falling out of the sky. Simply watch a streamer play Dreadnought for a chance to grab some solid loot.

Here are the items you can receive in a drop:
  • The Hanuman Hero Ship*

  • Fallen Troy coating*

  • Fallen Troy white decal*

  • 6,000 Credits

  • 3,000 Credits

  • 1,500 Credits

*You can only receive these items once. If you already own the Hanuman, the system will roll another item from the list for you!


Ready to get some free items? Just link your Grey Box and Twitch accounts to be eligible to receive Twitch Drops, then watch any streamer (who has enabled the feature) play Dreadnought. And one last thing: all items you receive from a drop will be granted to you on both PC and PS4!


Before you tune into a stream, please be aware: we’re currently experiencing issues that may cause notifications for Twitch Drops to not display (on Twitch as well as in-game). However, these issues should not affect the actual granting of items to your in-game inventory. If you think you should have received a Twitch Drop, be sure to check for new items—you might find a nice surprise. As always, if you have any questions, contact Customer Service. We’ll be glad to help!