The Dreadnought updates we promised this month will be shifted the later in Q3 this year with our full version Launch on Steam. Put simply, coming out of Beta on PC is exciting and stressful and we want to get it right. The reasons for this are many-fold but ultimately come down to; we want to give our players the best game. That continues to remain our goal with every new feature we add. Releasing 1.13’s content now, in the state that it is currently in, would not line up with the vision and quality we want to deliver moving forward with Dreadnought.

While many of the features are in and working, we are not comfortable with the number of critical bugs we are seeing, so we will be buckling down over the coming weeks to address and polish these areas. We will also be finalizing a lot of back-end infrastructure work that is still needed for the Steam release. For the coming weeks we are “pencils down” on new features being added. Our focus is tightening up what we have in front of us (bug fixing and polish) and making sure it’s the best game update we can deliver.

Planned Steam Launch Features:

  • UI Refresh

  • Russian and Chinese language support

  • Significant balance changes and bug fixes

  • Player Queue support

  • Anti-Cheat support

  • Account Linking system

Features Releasing Soon After Steam Launch:

  • Havoc on PC

  • Custom Games on PC

  • Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean language support

This was not an easy decision to make, but the entire team feels it is best to concentrate our focus on delivering the best product possible. In the meantime, this means a pause on future content and postponing market updates until launch.

Your feedback is still hugely important to us. Through your feedback and help in reporting bugs we have been able to react quickly and forge a path to release. We thank everyone for playing and for your continued support. If you want more details watch Mike Donatelli’s full announcement and conversation recorded on the Monthly Update from Wednesday July 11th.

We are excited to bring you the biggest update for Dreadnought so far, including many improvements to the game, improvements in connectivity, and UI updates. We cannot wait to get this build in your hands. Keep an eye out for future notifications of more updates, previews, and upcoming features as the Dreadnought development team continues to progress.

See you in orbit!

The Dreadnought Team

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