Hotfix 1.5.0.a Patch Notes

“Per aspera ad astra” is a Latin phrase that means “through hardships to the stars." So, why did we choose it? Besides the obvious cosmic theme, we think it perfectly describes the journey that we’ve been on while making Dreadnought. Sure, we ran into some snags, but in the end, we believe that we will overcome them and move one step closer to creating a game that we (and hopefully you) have always dreamed about.

In short, this update is another step toward reaching the stars—to greatness. We’re talking about more than just small changes under the hood. Find out more below!

What’s New?

New Map: Ryugu Haven

The Solar System is a vast and mysterious place filled with a diversity of battlefields. Update 1.5.0 allows you to visit a new one—a massive, battle-worn outpost known as Ryugu Haven.

Ryugu Haven Environment 02

As one of the first human outposts in space, Ryugu Haven has a diverse history. From pioneer space colony to Transhuman waystation to PCF base, this base in the Urvara Crater on Ceres has always been at the center of conflict. Named in memory of a near-earth asteroid that was sacrificed to help terraform Mars, Ryugu Haven has primarily been used as stepping stone into the outer Solar System.

In 2422 CE, Akula Vektor was contracted by the Martian government to harness what was left of old Transhuman technology at Ryugu Haven for mining purposes. Due to the immense dangers of navigating the Scum Belt in the postwar era, all Trojan endeavors to keep control of the Haven failed. By 2431 CE, the first outlaw groups started to claim Ryugu Haven as their own. The most recent incarnation of the Haven as an outlaw mining colony supporting Sinley Bay has been made possible by the “Okeanides.” This network of navigation beacons is maintained by engineers from Sinley Bay and only allows those with access codes to make it through the Scum Belt alive.

A key location within in Scum Belt, Ryugu Haven has become a magnet for outlaws and opportunists, resulting in constant turf wars and skirmishes. Basic strategies for surviving on this veteran battleground can be found below.

New Ship: The Simargl - Tier-I Dreadnought

Isn’t it strange that a game called Dreadnought doesn’t let you command one at the very start of the game? Well, we decided that it certainly was. Now every novice captain can take the helm of the Simargl, a Tier-I Dreadnought, at the very start of the game!

Here’s some background on the ship’s name and history:

Simargl means “ultimate destructive power, harnessed.” Perfected at the start of the Great Solar War by Akula Vektor, this classic battleship is slow—but tough.

– Akula Vektor catalog, page 1

  • Name: Simargl

  • Class: Dreadnought

  • Tier: I

  • Manufacturer: Akula Vektor

  • First manufactured: 2350 CE

  • Debut battle: Asteroid Skirmishes, Great Solar War

Simargl is named after the winged doomsday beast of Slavic mythology. To prevent him from breaking free and destroying the world, Simargl is kept chained to the star Polaris in the constellation Ursa Minor.

The PCF’s primary battleship in the initial stages of the War, it was first deployed in the Asteroid Belt Skirmishes, humanity’s first encounter with the Transhumans as foes instead of friends.  Aware that they were going up against unfathomable power, the PCF entered the fray with caution, slowly and well-armored and by 2354 CE the Simargl fleets had annihilated the rearguard of Transhumans. Thanks to the Simargl battleships, the PCF had shown the Transhumans they were a force to be reckoned with. The dark side of humanity had been unleashed.

New Hero Ship: The Zaratan

This update also introduces a brand-new Tier-IV Hero Ship: the Zaratan! The Zaratan is a prime example of Oberon’s cutting-edge ramming tech, which makes it a favorite among captains who like to charge headlong into the fray. Commanded by Jin Ebisu, this light Destroyer famously led a fleet of ramming battleships during the final campaign of the First Atlantean Assault in the 2390s. The turtle at the bow of this vessel can pierce any ship’s hull—even those clad in the hardest, most advanced Transhuman armor.

New Captain Facial Alterations

You’re about to see a lot of new faces around Sinley Bay! We’ve added 12 new captain facial alterations (6 male, 6 female) that allow you to further customize your captain’s looks. Now you have the freedom to stand out a little more—like the renegade outlaw that you are.



  • The size of the Player Card font (visible in the Hangar) has been reduced to prevent player name clipping DreadGame 2017-02-27 11-48-21-54.jpg

  • An in-game ticketing system has been added - players will now be able to find an option to report game issues / bugs directly to Customer SupportHave bug, will test.

  • The background image of the login screen now shows your home in the Scum Belt - Sinley Bay

  • Ship designs have been overhauled. The variations of one subclass now look more unique and the coatings have all been changed to the standard manufacturer ones.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the players to respawn outside the boundaries of the map - “What are you doing over there? Get back here!” - One of our QA guys

  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to be blocked outside the boundaries of the map

  • Fixed an issue that caused the players to respawn without a ship in Onslaught mode if they repeatedly hit the spacebar during the respawn timer - Patience is a virtue but even an impatient captain must join the fight

  • Fixed an issue that caused the audio of the death-explosions to not work correctly

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Training Match player score to always display as zero

  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible for players with Veteran and Legendary fleets to join an ongoing game and filled all empty slots with Recruit fleets  - We were not able to reproduce this issue any longer. If you still see instances of this happening, please let us know

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game resolution to be changed to the monitor default resolution upon restarting, despite setting it to a different value

  • Fixed an issue that caused no lighting or skybox to be visible when players spawned in orbit

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