The PS4™ open beta has launched! Battlefields across the Solar System are wide open. Get ready to wage war on several new maps, and take command of a PS4-exclusive Hero Ship. But enough talking: let’s see what’s new!



The open beta brings two new map variants to PS4 first: Ixion and Ryugu Haven!

Ixion_NightBattle on the dark side of Titan around the tower of Ixion—60,000 km above the moon’s surface.

DN_PS4OBT_Space02_Night_1920x1080Normally dark and empty, the skies of the Ryugu Haven map variant are bathed in a glowing, copper twilight.


We’re also adding 6 more maps / map variants to PS4 that are already part of the Dreadnought universe. These include the original versions of Ixion and Ryugu Haven, plus variants of Kappa Base, Rings of Saturn, Dry Dock and Red Sands.

Check out these quick fly-through videos for the Ixion and Ryugu Haven map variants:


We’ve added a friends list that enables you to see all your PSN friends who play Dreadnought and easily add them. You can also add friends to a squad, which allows you to fight alongside two of your most trusted allies. More to come in a future update, so stay tuned!


Besides new maps, we’re also adding tons of smaller features to the game:

  • Currency conversion - Spend GP to convert Ship XP into Free XP, or turn GP directly into Credits.

  • SHAREfactory™ theme - Easily share footage of your favorite battles with video clips and images taken from across the Solar System. Download it for free!

  • 2 Dynamic themes - Customize your home screen with a view of Sinley Bay or one of its massive, cavernous ship hangars—for free.

  • PS4 Pro optimizations - Get even better graphical fidelity on your PS4 Pro.

  • Dashboard live tiles - See the latest news and market updates at a glance on your dashboard screen.

  • New languages: Command the skies in French, German or Spanish.

  • Remote Play & PlayGo support - Play Dreadnought while downloading the game, or play it from other supported devices.

  • Dualshock®4 integration - Enjoy added lightbar and speaker functionality.


We’re giving all PS4 players the Hactar Hero Ship—for free! Take command of this ominous beast and channel the fighting spirit of the Dead Horde, the ruthless faction it once led into the asteroid belt during the Great Solar War. Just make sure you’re ready to unleash some serious destruction.

Hactar Hero Ship PosterThe Hactar is no rookie vessel. It’s a menacing, Tier-IV Tactical Cruiser with a screaming head at its bow—and plenty of offensive firepower.

To get the Hactar, go to the PlayStation Store and search for “Dreadnought.” Once you add the Hactar to your cart, select “purchase” (the amount will say $0). The Hactar will now show up in your hangar in-game!



  • Fixed an issue where captain’s feet would sometimes appear disconnected from their legs


  • Resolved an issue where the Traflagar’s camera would sometimes get stuck when zoomed in

  • Fixed collision issues when ships warp near each other

  • Resolved an issue where, if destroyed by missiles, a ship would lose its minimap icon

  • Fixed an issue in Havoc where the HUD would display over all other windows

  • Updated a number of primary and secondary weapons to more accurately reflect their tooltip descriptions

  • Updated a number of modules to more accurately reflect their tooltip descriptions

  • Updated a number of module models to appear properly when equipped or previewed

  • Resolved an issue where AI would sometimes fail to spawn in Havoc

  • Fixed an issue where, upon rejoining a match, a player would see generic names instead of Online IDs

  • Fixed a number of modifiers in Havoc to behave correctly

  • Resolved an issue where the Netron Corvette was unselectable in Havoc

  • Updated map geometry in the Hekate Havoc map

  • Fixed an issue where reloading during Siege/Purge Mode caused the number of Siege/Purge shots to become the weapon clip size

  • Resolved an issue where the Drain Torpedo III module was more powerful than IV

  • Fixed an issue where the Flechette Half-Battery module would fire more missiles than intended

  • Improved the homing of missile and torpedo modules to more accurately hit their target

  • Fixed an issue where Repair Pod modules would persist between Team Elimination rounds

  • Resolved an issue involving players being unable to respawn in Team Elimination round two


  • Resolved multiple instances of modules incorrectly costing “-1” Credits

  • Updated a number of module costs to be more consistent

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Junkyard Prince to not correctly display its XP progression bar

  • Fixed an issue with the Brutus that corrupted the ship when a module was unlocked

  • Fixed an issue where the “base” loadout of a ship would remain equipped after equipping a separate module

  • Resolved an issue where a ship’s appearance would reset if a module was changed


  • Fixed a number of game crashing and freezing issues across all areas of play

  • Improved overall stability to reduce load times

  • Resolved a rendering issue that would often cause the console to run louder

  • Improved performance when switching view between manufacturer trees and ship trees

  • Resolved instances where certain buttons would become unresponsive when a fleet tier is unlocked

  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be unable to reconnect/rejoin to Team Elimination matches


  • Updated a number of icons for modules, ships, and fleets to appear more unified and consistent

  • Fixed multiple instances of text being truncated or cut-off

  • Fixed an issue where navigating overlaid screens would navigate/change the background screen as well

  • Resolved inconsistencies where buttons would not work after viewing Elite Status

  • Updated game credits

  • Resolved an issue where repeated viewings of a player’s PSN profile would cause the button to stop working

  • Fixed an issue where Squad Member UI would remain on-screen after leaving a Squad

  • Fixed an issue where a Squad Member would not get notified if they left the queue because of a squadmate’s departure

  • Resolved an issue where hero ships would not display their collected XP in the Hangar view

  • Updated login and account-linking errors to be more precise

  • Resolved an issue where the Short Commands and Energy Wheel could be visible at the same time


  • Resolved an issue where a player could select multiple ships to convert XP from instead of just one

  • Improved the “Compatible With” section when viewing a cosmetic item in a ship’s appearance loadout to show all ships that item can be equipped on