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What is Dreadnought?
Dreadnought is a free-to-play tactical, space action game. The game puts you at the helm of an enormous spacecraft inspired by iconic science fiction movies and television shows. You will assume the role of a starship captain and customize your ship to guarantee dominance as you soar the skies battling opposing spacecrafts.
What does Tactical Space Action mean?
Think GIANT LASER BATTLESHIPS in space. You will be at the helm of one of these ships. You will outmaneuver your opponents to create strategic advantages across the battlefield, all while managing energy between weapons, engines, and shields. You will also have control over a primary and secondary weapon, as well as a handful of abilities that can help turn the tide against your enemies.
Will I be able to fight in space?
Yes, of course! There will be numerous battlefields set both in planetary atmospheres and in space.
Will I be able to dogfight in a fighter ship?
The core vision of Dreadnought focuses on larger, capital class ships. Think more Jean Luc than Luke. However, we haven't ruled it out for certain game modes.
What multiplayer modes will be available in Dreadnought?
There will be various multiplayer modes. So far we have revealed both Team Deathmatch and Team Elimination. How many players can play Dreadnought at the same time? In our Team Deathmatch mode, 10 players face off against one another in a 5v5 quest for domination over the skies of exotic worlds, or in the cold black void of space. We also are examining different game modes currently in development and the number of players they will support.
How will I be able to customize my ship?
There are a number of ways customization works in the game. At a very base level, you will be able to select a ship chassis that serves as the foundation for your customization. From there, you will be able to mix and match abilities and crew members to help further define your ship's role on the battlefield. There will also be a number of strictly cosmetic customization options available for captains who wish to seek glory with style.
Who is making Dreadnought?
One of Dreadnought's developers is Yager, whose staff pedigree includes games like "Spec Ops: The Line". Yager cut their teeth on another flight combat game entitled, "Yager." The development of Dreadnought is proof of their continued commitment to the genre and love of giant spacecraft. The game is co-developed by Yager and Six Foot and is being published by Grey Box.
Will Dreadnought have a single player campaign?
Absolutely! Dreadnought will have a single player campaign mode that allows players to explore the galaxy and engage in legendary space battles against the best captains the solar system has to offer. This EPIC space adventure features the writing of legendary comic book writer Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy, Warhammer 40K) whose narrative ties the campaign together and brings the Dreadnought universe to life. The full single player campaign may be released at a later time.
Will you be doing any kind of beta testing for Dreadnought?
Closed beta testing will start in early 2016. You can sign up for the closed beta now on this website.
What platforms will Dreadnought release on?
We have only announced support for PC at this time.
What are the minimum hardware requirements for Dreadnought?
Dreadnought will take full use of Unreal Engine 4, and optimizations are still underway. As such, we're not ready to announce minimum specs at this time. However, we can share that DirectX 11 will be required to play the game. As we move closer to closed beta testing we'll be sure to share more specific information with you!
How much will Dreadnought cost when it is released?
Dreadnought will cost nothing to download and play. We are still figuring out which items in the game we want to sell. Rest assured a balanced and fair game for all players is our top priority. The pricing on individual cosmetic components are still being determined.
When will Dreadnought be released?
Dreadnought is currently targeted to release in 2016.
How can I participate in the Dreadnought Community?
We welcome you with open arms to our Official Message Boards! Meet new people, discuss everything Dreadnought related and interact with the Dev Team.

Also, join us on our social media channels and spread the word to your friends! We welcome all feedback and can't wait to soar the skies with you