Defend the starbase

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7 Octobre 2015 10:07

For this gamemode some AI might be needed. Waves of ships will try to destroy a starbase defended by a player controlled team. Every wave becomes stronger.

Or maybe 2 teams trying to destroy eachothers starbases.

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18 Février 2016 04:38


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22 Février 2016 06:10

i love this kind of game modes.
You and your buddies against the AI.

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22 Février 2016 06:50

Why not
And on final wave you will need to kill mother ship that is gigantic dreadnought with lots of HP

( ノಠnಠ )ノ ︵ ┻━━━Dreadnought ): ━┻

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22 Février 2016 07:59

Yep,,good idea +1... Would like to see lot of small AI ships trying to take down a dreadnought.

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22 Février 2016 08:59

I would definitely want to play this mode against waves of various AI ships.
Horde mode in 'Gears is one of my favs!

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22 Février 2016 13:57

For sure. Horde/Survival modes are always welcome. I don't care even if it's solo you versus an endless onslaught of ships... it'd be cool to try and use the terrain and what not to last as long as possible. I also wouldn't mind an objective mode in the MP. Like defending a Star Base or large ship.

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27 Février 2016 18:02

I'd plus this... I'd actually make it more like Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide and/or L4D 2. You don't just stay in place, but have to move forward from objective point to objective point and fight off the enemy onslaught as you push them back.

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9 Mars 2016 11:29

How about multiple shield emitters that you need to disable in sequence. I'm saying in sequence because the slow ships will not be able to catch the attackers if they attack an emitter on the other side of the map.

Or attackers can launch asteroids with asteroid cannons or sorts. Defenders will have to take out asteroids and the cannons.

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9 Mars 2016 20:28

I would like to see this game mode available it will be most enjoyable.

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