Radiation and Radiation free shadows from objects as a map hazard

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17 Octobre 2015 21:33

I think it would be interesting to have some maps that have a radiation source that will do slow damage to your hull, but is also filled with objects that can shield you by being in their shadow (like large asteroids). I could see zooming from one shadow to another trying to stay out of the danger zone being an interesting map mechanic!

I could also see when a dreadnought explodes that it could leave a radiation cloud, that if you dive into it you are shielded from scanners (gain partial cover from aiming systems or limit sight range etc) but also take slow steady damage to your hull.

Just some ideas!

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18 Octobre 2015 15:54

More than a hull corrosion, what about affecting the efficiency of the crew?

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18 Octobre 2015 17:01

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18 Octobre 2015 17:01

This would be a serious disadvantage for Dreadnoughts, I could imagine.
Dreadnoughts are slow, but have a higher Healthpool to counter this.

However when staying in the shadow of an asteroid, they are also very vulnerable to Nukes and Arty-Cruisers. So they either take dmg while slowly moving from cover to cover, or will be Nuked/sniped by staying in the same location for too long.

Maybe these obstacles and asteroids give enough cover to block the view enough, however as soon as a Dreadnought goes out of cover to shoot, enemies are also to damage him and lock onto him. So a Dreadnought will be surely attacked when as soon as he comes out of cover.

But I am still interested in such an idea, and maybe this would also work out with Dreadnoughts, I dunno smile

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