Hardware Requirements

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18 Octobre 2015 13:20

what are the hardware requirements for the game? i realy like it, but i only have a laptop

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18 Octobre 2015 13:46

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18 Octobre 2015 13:50

Officially, there are no requirements so far.

However the DEVs aim to optimize the heck out of this game, and as far as I know, a DEV-stream was held on a Laptop, if I remember correctly, and there were also some gameplays recorded on laptops, I think.

So overall, the game should be playable on almost any PC.

But not every laptop is the same, what specs does your laptops have?

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18 Octobre 2015 19:33

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18 Octobre 2015 19:50

I am so curious about the gameplay we have seen,on what specs is played,and what settings,high or medium..cause the graphics are great but i am always wonder about the requirements,

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19 Octobre 2015 03:35

i have i5-3337U (1,8 1,8)
the laptop is good, but im using a monitor with 21" so it might be hard to play on that. it realy pissies me of..they put so much grafics in the new games, who likes grafics? i like to load the game fast and to play the game with no lag. it would be good to make the games allmost with no high grafics

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19 Octobre 2015 07:01

Dreadnought run under Unreal Engine 4, so I am pretty sure that it will scale well.

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