How to re-equip previously researched modules?

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22 Janvier 2018 08:50

I bought the module Jump Drive II for Trafalgar but then I find the Module Reboot II more useful than the Jump. How do I re-equip the previously reasearched module which is the Module Reboot II, I can't seem to find any buttons for that.

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22 Janvier 2018 09:09

Hanger > Selecte your ship and Customize > Edit Loadout > highlight module and click in and you should then be able to select whatever other eligible modules for that slot you have.

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22 Janvier 2018 10:03

Developer/publisher needs to make this more obvious; this has occurred multiple times where players can't figure this out themselves.

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22 Janvier 2018 11:55

This is certainly a fair point. It was brought up in the past as part of the UI improvement plan. I'll make sure it's on track!

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