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8 Février 2018 05:09

Hi i just started and joind two days ago and need help to change the graphic settings because every setting is stuck on low even wen i change it to medium and it ses its on medium but still looks like its on low settings and i know i dount have the best pc for this game and low settings gives me like 30+fps but all i want to change is the detail on the ships and effects so pleas if some one can help me find out how to at least to change those two settings it will be mach appreciated thank you.

and here are my specs : HP i5 4200M lapptop intel core 2.5GHz but wen i play games its internal turbo boost kicks in and then its 3.1GHz


GPU:intel hd Graphics 4600

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8 Février 2018 09:08

I'm going to lock this seeing as you have one in the support sub forum, and have replys on there.

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