New Player Unable to Launch the Game

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26 Février 2018 18:51

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27 Février 2018 14:35

Greetings to you all,

As per title, I'm unable to lauch the game. After confirming my email and downloading the game, when I click on "Play Dreadnought" I see something like cmd opening with an entry for 1 sec, that immediately closes and the game never starts. I've added Dreadnought to firewall excemptions, no avail.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance.

Edited on Feb 27. Was not expecting a reply within an hour after posting this but 20 hours should have had a reply....really now !

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28 Février 2018 02:11

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28 Février 2018 02:15

Hi. You will not get tech support on this forum, also this is the wrong sub forum for submitting bugs. So that is why it got missed.

Seeing as you are on PC, first thing to try is the self repair. It's the little spanner in the top right of the launcher If that fails, run the support tool, and contact support. Links to both are in my signature.

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