I hate the progression system.

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1 Novembre 2016 20:52

to get a heavy healer (Koschei) I have to level up 4 snipers (artillery craft).
What does a heavy tanky healer have to do with owning 4 snipers? How does that even possibly lead to in a sane progression model

snipers lead to heavy healers and heavy destroyers
Light destroyer comes after 3 medium healers and 2 medium corvettes.
3 medium destroyers and 2 light healers to get to the heavy dreadnoughts? Who wants to do this? No one.

the exp needed is unpleasant, but not awful atleast until t3. But the coin need to purchase all these ships is crazy. What if people really dislike being artillery? Oh thats okay, play for 20hrs and then you can have fun! But don't spend any coin on modules to make your ships better, gotta save that for the ship you actually are interested in playing.

You are trying to "hide" the fun. Here keep searching and eventually you will find the fun. You just have to keep at it. We promise eventually we will allow you to have fun.

The exp conversion mechanic that uses real currency to convert exp is terribly inefficient. I don't see how anyone would seriously consider it instead of just grinding ships they don't enjoy. And many just quitting the game in the process.

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1 Novembre 2016 23:52

The tech trees are designed after each of the manufacturers in the Dreadnought-verse, so some of the unlock paths may feel at times unintuitive. Our hope is that there's "fun" at all tiers of play. If that isn't the case, we'll do our best to adjust, and awesome feedback like this is super helpful for the dev team smile

Sean McIntosh
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2 Novembre 2016 13:39

DN_EmptyTuxedo#3505 posted (#post-51742)

The tech trees are designed after each of the manufacturers in the Dreadnought-verse, so some of the unlock paths may feel at times unintuitive. Our hope is that there's "fun" at all tiers of play. If that isn't the case, we'll do our best to adjust, and awesome feedback like this is super helpful for the dev team smile

I completely agree with the original post here. This is going to be a lot and is with the intention of offering my thoughts and feedback to hopefully improve the game for everyone.

There are a lot of ships that I'd like to play but to get to them I'd have to put a LOT of time into ships that I don't like to play or want to play, let alone pay the ludicrous amounts of money that are required to buy them just to progress through them. I feel that if ships are to be barricaded behind other ships tech trees they need to cost a LOT less.

In regards to the credit system, I feel that the ships cost a bit much in comparison to how much you make per match. I am left with a feeling of being backed into a corner to where I feel I can ONLY spend my money on ships because spending it on modules to do more with them would be a waste. An example being with my current state of progression: I could either buy 4 tier 3 modules for my tier three destroyer i bought, or I could buy another tier 3 ship but not both. Obviously the ship would be the rational purchase over the modules. Then again, with a tier 4 ship costing 225,000 credits, why would I spend 50,000 of them on another ship which it takes roughly 10 hours to even make that much money. To add to this I've seen the Palos (tier 3 version of the Cattaro) costs 74,000 which makes me scared to see what some of the others cost as you are forced to progress through them towards your end goal.

In conclusion on the topic of credits I feel that with the current balance of income per match is underwhelming and makes modules irrelevant and a waste of money; It doesn't feel like they are worth what they cost when buying them.

And I feel that criticizing with no input on a possible fix is rather scummy, so at the current state of things as it stands I think there are two likely fixes:
1) Greatly reduce the amount of credits it costs for modules and re scale the pricing for ships to a lower ratio (I don't know what all the prices are for them so I can't give a good recommendation) but buying tier 2 feels nice. it's a really steep increase from then on which gets only worse though and I feel needs another look.
2) Increase the amount of money that is rewarded per match. Generally I receive 2,000-2,500 per match and i have Elite status and finish top of the team. I feel that it should be somewhere in the range of 6,000-7,000 for a mission reward just to start with a small change and if needed could be changed from there. Ultimately is left to the development team to decide so I hope this helps.

I guess now I can just hope that @DN_EmptyTuxedo sees this!

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2 Novembre 2016 14:49

@AnubisEvo thanks for the feedback! I'll throw this over to the dev team now smile

Sean McIntosh
Dreadnought Community Manager

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2 Novembre 2016 17:48

Yeah we need to be able to choose from each class of ship at the beginning of the tree/progression, not be forced into one class per manufacturer.

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2 Novembre 2016 18:43

I like where this discussion is going. Just to add something on, unlocking all the ships didn't take an insane time commitment prior to progression 2.0. It actually gave players an opportunity to try out a wide variety of many of the different ships. Now that unlocking each individual ship, the higher tier ones in particular, will require pouring in a lot of time I'm afraid we wont have the opportunity to play as many ships.

What I am afraid of happening in this game is something like In World of Warships, where I spent dozens of hours just moving down one cruiser line. I never would have the chance to play the other 90% of ships in the game without spending even more time. I really dont want this to happen in Dreadnought.

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13 Novembre 2016 16:36

I also think the progess system is not good. The time to unlock one ship is enormous (i gain between 1200-3000 xp by game with elite and 1000-1200 gold). Also, like my friend said what is the real utility of the module except legendary? Its not worth the cost.

Between the 1 et 2 system progress, i prefered the 1.

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14 Novembre 2016 03:39

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14 Novembre 2016 03:41

I don't normally post, came back after a 3 months break and boy the changes are for the worse.

The grinding is so laborious and not fun anymore. Matchmaking GG, I get more one sided matches than even matches i.e 50 point differences.

Forcing people to play artillery to be a healer/corvette/ Destroyer is not good way to start. Imagine you wanted to be a healer using the Koschei, it would take you many many many days of playing 12 hours a day to get it potentially, if not more.

While I appreciate you need to level up to get specific ships and officer briefing's, to pigeon hole people to play other ships first is going to lose alot of people's interests very quickly.

Not to mention how OP imho corvettes are, at an early part of the game. What happened to flak weapons on the destroyer???? No mines, very difficult to counter especially when in packs.

I will be seeing what the next big patch will be like or when they open beta up, as the player base is too low.

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14 Novembre 2016 04:55

Progression should be focused around a ship. A ship shouldn't change tiers, it should be upgraded and be classified as a specific tier based on the loadout.

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14 Novembre 2016 06:38

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14 Novembre 2016 06:38

I have now unlocked a T4-Valcour.

The matches so far were pretty unbalanced. The T4-Valcour just melts any T2 ship except for the hardy Dreadounght classes. This doesn´t mean that I won every match. But regardless, I don´t feel a challenge, and I feel sorry for all those T2-players which my T4 did destroy. In order to win a match, I even have to abuse this power-difference and indeed I do gravitate towards any T2 in sight.

It took me most of my gaming nights since the release of 2.0 to get access to ONE T4 ship. To unlock just one module for it, I have to play about 12 matches. There are about 30 modules to unlock for one T4 ship.

Which means it might take monthes until I can play with the variety which made me buy into Dreadnought firsthand.

I think I can safely assure you that I won´t take part anymore if that kind of grind is sustained.

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