How active is this game?

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2 Avril 2018 22:31

Honestly I just want to play a PvP match with nothing but real players but sometimes I get stuck in matches that are all BOTS and maybe one or two players... is this the game right now?

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3 Avril 2018 06:00

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3 Avril 2018 06:01

If you only have one or two real players it's because you are early in the game. After a few matches the maximum amount of bots in a match is four.

Lots of players don't know that and you can't blame them, it would have been better if there would be a clear message in the game so it doesn't make new players stop playing or wonder what's going on when they mostly see bots.

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3 Avril 2018 07:59

The game has a sheltered match making, you have to play 3 proving grounds and 8 other matches before the game puts you in with other players.

I made a new account yesterday to see how this all works so this is how it works, the good news is, that by he time you do all this you'd have 150 free GP to buy some cosmetics for a ship line if you want.

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9 Avril 2018 11:29

Well, I have noticed that even at around 0700 Central, you can find players in the Proving Ground. Its a hit and miss in the Team Deathmatch mode.

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