Why does nobody play the objective

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20 Avril 2018 20:44

Oberon#5333 posted (#post-218400) said:

a command ship that undergunned is asking for trouble. may as well call it the jutland command ship

Perhaps a new game mode is in order... attack the Jutland! Keep the good ideas coming.

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21 Avril 2018 09:20

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21 Avril 2018 09:40

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-218418) said:

The game is set up for the more you kill, the more XP and credits you get= the faster you level. The only meaningful XP gained by a support roll is healing. No point in protecting if you want to progress.

thats the point! No intention to play as a team. only kills count. Everything else is nonsense, expect healballs. even the kill points are garbage. you shot at the cs and deal 90% damage. Teammate shows up and got the kill. 300 for him and 150 for me. This also happens with real players. 30 for an assist. Thats a joke. Stealing kill is so easy as sniper. Wait till health is low, than finish him. Its aa bad tactic but it works. Why no "assist count as kill" or did 70% damage and get 70 points? Like in bf4. I liked and loved it (over 1500hours) and getting points for every piece of sh... is much more rewarding.

What is rhe problem to slow this aa bit down? Dn is game about big capitol ships! There are slow! XD but lets be honest. I by myselfe break the gamerules to get progress. I used to play as a team. But playing as lone wolf and shot everything in sight, espacialy with my new vindicta with , is more satisfying.

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22 Avril 2018 18:00

The objective is a killzone of snipers and missile boats, screw that noise.

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22 Avril 2018 20:08

Usually it's a corvette or two and maybe the occasional fast moving destroyer offing that thing almost immediately... maybe they should make it harder to kill or make it have some tactical advantage for the team keeping it alive like making all enemy ships visible on a cool looking(more detailed) radar map

the command ship really is just there for some extra points as far as i'm concerned.... most of the time everyone just plays like its team deathmatch anyway.

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