Concerning Russian Players Access to Dreadnought Servers

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27 Avril 2018 15:25

To our Russian Community members,

The Dreadnought team has been made aware of the most recent blocks that The Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor have made to millions of IPs. In the crossfire of limiting access to Amazon Web Services, websites, and some applications it seems like the Dreadnought launcher (and login services) have been affected.

The internal teams here are looking to see what options can be taken but no solution is truly able to be implemented as quickly as we’d like. Please understand that the situation is still not 100% set and we are keeping an eye to see how connections and permissions change. We are hoping that Roskomnadzor will be more selective in what IPs it is blocking soon.

We thank you for your patience. (We want you playing too!) Please continue to use the forums to keep us updated as well. Direct information from the Russian community is helpful and welcomed.

If you are looking for more information please feel free to head over to these links:

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1 Mai 2018 10:45

At least the VPN works, so i can play. With my government blocking everything left and right i pretty much keep my VPN working 24/7 anyway. Everyone, even lowest newbiest internet users here, are being made aware of what VPNs are and how they work aswell.

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6 Mai 2018 17:16

Well they unbanned 5 millions addresses a few days ago, but yours wasn't among them.

So far the only things that are blocked are logging in into the launcher and checking for updates (but not downloading them), so it's not a big a problem now, but I was wondering about how it's going to look like when the game moves onto Steam. Will the launcher be discarded altogether and updates be loaded through Steam servers or you are going to integrate this launcher's function into the game client itself? Cause that could make playing problematic as it'd require keeping vpn up all the time, instead of just a few minutes to check for an update and start downloading it.

I quickly scrolled through the Dreadnought public group on a russian fb knockoff and it seems lees than a half players are affected by it as some ISPs just ignore the rkn nonsense. Those who are already playing and are affected simply use VPNs but I imagine it may potentially turn the new players away as you download the launcher before you download the game and if someone tries it they won't even be able to start installing Dreadnought so they'll probably just drop instead of going on a research about what could be the reason of it all and then setting up a VPN just to check out the game they know nothing about yet.

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11 Mai 2018 11:04

Большое спасибо, vpn решил проблему, возвращаюсь в игру!

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13 Mai 2018 11:58

у меня с впн не работает. скажите какой вы используете?

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13 Mai 2018 13:43

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14 Mai 2018 03:50

Turbodetandre#5277 posted (#post-220287) said:

у меня с впн не работает. скажите какой вы используете?

Естественно, всё на свой страх и риск и без всяких гарантий. description

Как вариант. Простой, быстрый и бесплатный UltraSurf. Скачать архив с официального сайта. Распаковать файл в любое место на диске и запустить его (установка не требуется, после запуска программы создастся папка для временных фалов и файл конфига программы). Дождаться, когда найдется свободный сервер с наилучшей скоростью и запустить лаунчер игры.

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