Elite Status Gift on Steam (10/31/2018)

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2 Novembre 2018 13:16

When you first logged in to Dreadnought on Steam you may notice some unexpected Elite Status attached to your account if it was previously purchased. This was not a mistake. Every player that purchased Elite Status prior to Steam launch received additional Elite Status. The number of days you receive is based on your previous purchase history.

There’s also some other compensation gifts on the way! We’ll be providing more details as soon as we have them locked into place.

Don’t worry PlayStation 4 players, you are not left out, and will be receiving your own compensation. You can expect these details in the future.

Thank you all, again, for your continued patience and support. See you in orbit! o7

Having any issues and need some assistance? Our support team would be more than happy to help! You can reach out to them here!

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