I give up on reporting the bots.

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2 Novembre 2015 03:58

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2 Novembre 2015 03:58

I can't be bothered to report two forum pages of bots almost every morning. Any plans in place to get rid of them "soonish"? Kind of annoying to have the whole "latest posts" page filled with those threads in the morning.

Dreadnought Testers - Chat & VoIP

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2 Novembre 2015 08:20

Patience,cause they will get deleted one way or another.

"The First Of His Name"

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2 Novembre 2015 10:23

Sorry for the mess everyone, we're working to resolve this.

Sean McIntosh
Dreadnought Community Manager

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2 Novembre 2015 10:40

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2 Novembre 2015 10:44

Well to be honest I think you dont have to report them.

As soon as the Mods check in, they'll be deleted. And bc. the Mods tend to usually check in rather frequently, I dare to say that you can bear with "cluttered" forums for like 3-5 hours ^^
It's not as bad as like Alex watching videos from Clockwork Orange or smth. like that smile

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