Welcome Tamat - Dreadnought's Senior NA Community Manager!

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2 Novembre 2015 14:20

Greetings, Captains.

I'm happy to introduce to you Andrew "Tamat" Beegle, Dreadnought's new Senior North American Community Manager!

Tamat has done it all (well, almost), having held such titles in the gaming industry as Writer/Editor-in-Chief (ZAM Media), Video Producer, Live Team Producer and of course, Lead Community Manager.

He comes to us most recently from Riot Games where he began as the Lead Community Manager on League of Legends, building-up a stellar team before spreading his wings and applying his talents to other areas of the company.

Needless to say, we are more than lucky to have him as the newest member of our team. I know that he's looking forward to soaring the skies with us and helping to make this community one of the best the interwebz has ever seen. smile

To top it all off, today just happens to be his day of birth, so please join me in not only welcoming Tamat, but wishing him a Dreadnought-sized Happy Birthday!

We're happy to have you, Tamat!


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2 Novembre 2015 14:30

Welcome to captain and Happy Birthday! I am going to tell you what I tell all my friends on their birthday: Remember to eat delicious food, and preferably a Dreadnought sized cake!

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2 Novembre 2015 14:34

Thank you for the welcome! I'm getting settled in, and looking forward to being part of Dreadnought, and the community. I'll be checking in on this thread over the next couple of days, so don't be shy!

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2 Novembre 2015 14:39

Welcome aboard and happy birthday!

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2 Novembre 2015 15:03

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2 Novembre 2015 15:07

Welcome to the team Tamat! Glad to have you aboard and happy birthday! o7

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2 Novembre 2015 15:05


Sean McIntosh
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2 Novembre 2015 15:11

Hey man!

Welcome in the forum full of crazy ppl! smile

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2 Novembre 2015 15:45

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2 Novembre 2015 15:45

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

No wait, that the wrong one! But what is the grades for a Community Manager/Developer?

Welcome to The Fleet, Admiral!

Ok, that's better. And to celebrate your birthday, we are gonna to shoot 3 or 4 nukes tied with random guys from my crew!

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2 Novembre 2015 17:52

Welcome, and my condolences for being yet a year older.
Well, or just a day, as every day. Happy birthday. smile

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3 Novembre 2015 03:08

Welcome to the team Tamat and happy birthday.LCM from Riot.That's the best gift we can have

Every one of developers and community members are very nice.I hope you have a nice stay and apply your abilities here.Dreadnought Esports confirmed smile

Can you tell us how you found the game?from pax maybe?

also more information given here

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