Greetings from Ireland!

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6 Novembre 2015 09:54

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1 Février 2016 13:53

Very much looking forward to the launch of this game!
(Beta too if anyone wants to invite me--wink,wink)
Should there be a squad forming of players here in Ireland, give me a shout!



Glaive, spear, sword and knife,
Manfully handle, and in other's hands ruin.
--Liechtenenauer's Verses, Von Danzig, 1452

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6 Novembre 2015 16:29

welcome to the forums captain

I don't think we have an Ireland squad yet

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7 Novembre 2015 08:00

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

I think there is another Irish dude around here. If you half crazy as him, you are going to be totally fine here =D

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7 Novembre 2015 08:44

Welcome Captain,to the forums for now,in game later.Soon we will have that launch smile

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