Thoughts on Tier Change

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27 Novembre 2018 05:36

I think it would just be beter to have OB's obtainable on T2 and T3 ships. as apposed to T3 and T4. That way when people get to legendary, they at least have the OBs ready to go.

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27 Novembre 2018 08:19

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-233988) said:

I think it would just be beter to have OB's obtainable on T2 and T3 ships. as apposed to T3 and T4. That way when people get to legendary, they at least have the OBs ready to go.

While not a bad idea, there is one inherent problem: you don't get some ship lines until T3, so packing all those OB's in may be an issue.

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27 Novembre 2018 10:54

Hello Folks,

I think, OB´s should have a separate TechTree, like it was "promised" a year ago. There is no logical reason to hide them behind ships.

my 2 cents

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27 Novembre 2018 12:46

Of course there's a reason, and as usual that reason is money.

I think that there should be some hardwired OBs on the recruit ships that reward good use of the energy options however

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29 Novembre 2018 15:27

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29 Novembre 2018 15:28

VirtualRiot#3785 posted (#post-233846) said:

To catch you up on upcoming changes: T4 is no longer in Veteran, only Legendary.

The Good:

  • Gap between T4 & T5 is much smaller than T3 & T4
  • Veteran will be a much more even playing field
  • Will most likely greatly reduce legendary que times
  • May improve legendary matchmaking

The Bad:

  • Will be much harder to level up T4 ships, as getting high scores will be harder in legendary
  • Will also be harder to level T4 ships, as you will only be able to get Battle Bonus in one mode instead of two
  • Going from flying T3s to being up against T5s is a huge huge jump
  • Players just out of T3 will be introduced to the merciless seal clubbing of certain elite groups
  • Some T5 modules greatly outclass T4 modules of the same type


I think the real thing to improve here is general module balance within the T4/T5 bracket. The big problem here is players fresh out of T3 going up against elite T5 groups, and he reason elite groups stomp so well is that they typically take advantage of the most overpowered stragies in the game, which are just exacerbated by access to T5 modules. Good change, there are definitely tradeoffs made here, but overall net positive.

I am at a loss to understand how did not even talk about the T3 and T4 balance in your overall bracket and wanted to talk about the T4 vs T5 braket and while there is a balance issue there to some extent as you pointed out in the start it is really nothing compared to the Vet braket.

Im going to be frank, as it stands right now the balance between T3 and T4 ships is a joke and has been as the podcast pointed out. Now the bracket change might change "fix" the problem or they could fix T3 ships and make them competive vs T4 ships. I guess I am not supprized you are not going to "fix" the problem when you launched on steam I was hopfull you would balance the Teir ships better sadly you refuse to do this. I Just wonder how long the new players will play in this enviroment and I just hope you fix the balance before the new players decide to leave this game off looking for the next ship combat game.

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29 Novembre 2018 21:10

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29 Novembre 2018 21:28

I think that a lot of people are still glossing over the fact that :

1. a pilot that levels up there first t3 2. HAS TO GO TO LEGONDARY QUEUE ONLY AT T4 AND FACE OFF WITH PEOPLE THAT MAY HAVE 1000 PLUS HOURS WITH SEVERAL MAXED OUT T5 SHIPS 4. gets first t4 that flys / handles differently and has a different energy consumption rate that they are not used to 5. gets access to different modules and officer brieffings that they may not understand the function of , or if they do they have not had any real amount of game time to practice and perfect there battlefield "chops" 6. still getts farmmed / seal clubbed and still blames it on the ship tier system somehow and still leaves rageing

so my question is this to all that have complained about the t3 wall how are you going to feel about going up against those very high level players when you only have 40-60 hours game time compaired to say 400-1200 game time ? and if you thought going against a t3 vs t4 was bad this is going to be way worse because you are basicly still at a t3 level game time wise going up against people that are at t5 level and beyond in some cases.

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30 Novembre 2018 01:50

My complaint has always been about tthe grind.

I have no issue with being at a disadvantage ship/OB/experience wise, as long as I am making good progrress. Seeing good progress would be all I need to spend cash and make the progress I see even faster.

At the moment I see no real progress in game so I don't spend and I can't think the last time I played (week+).

On another note, I just completed a string of missions to win a ship on another game. My time was adequately rewarded, they win, Dreadnought loses.

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30 Novembre 2018 10:40

A string of missions? how is that different than the grind in Dreadnought "rewarding" you with a ship?

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30 Novembre 2018 11:18

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30 Novembre 2018 13:26

Ridiculon#3900 posted (#post-234052) said:

A string of missions? how is that different than the grind in Dreadnought "rewarding" you with a ship?

Because the missions were varied with different objectives, they reward a special ship not in the usual list of ships (a hero ship if you like, but a good one that you can change to your play style), the missions still count towards your progression through the usual ships and it doesn't take forever to win the mission ship or progress up the ranks of a normal ship.

That is how it is different lol.

Edit: The missions also rewarded other bonuses; for example the equivalent of a Captain in this game with the choice of half the OBs available. So I earned a ship, a captain, progressed through other missions and the ship tier. In this game, during the same time, I'm coming close to my first module on my tier 4 ship lol.

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