The Colossal Debacle Market

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27 Novembre 2018 16:22

I know I know it's "Free to Play" "Calm down" blah blah blah ( I'm a PS4 scrub btw )

Well then, I shall address you as the product: Can you please explain this Bleep?

We have Blues screens ( of death ) and lags and a seemingly unnecessary but completely worse UI but what really set me on my merry way here is The Market

What the Bleep is up with The Market?

I simply do not understand any of it. The pricing, the navigating ( seriously what the h.ell?), The organizing/scheme, etc.

Are you just guessing with the pricing? It is as if someone looked at "cosmetic item X" and said "Mmm 199GP? Naah that looks like a 399GP cosmetic add on"

My point is nothing makes any sense and it appears there was no thought or explaination as to why certain items cost what they do. For Example: Why is the Leviathan 3000GP? Why is the new ( and sooo awesome looking ) Nereid Hero ship 1000GP?

If 1000GP for the Nereid is a "Soon to expire" special - then have it say so in the Market. And for the love of death put the ending date if a sale price is going to change - again IN the Market. ( Create urgency not "surprise" it's gone )

Also, you have plenty of Cosmetic Skin bundles. Not all colors are represented and thats fine.

BUT ( Unless I missed it because of bad UI) You have made a sizable and glaring bundle omission. It is actually a mistake and you can thank me later ( unless again I stupidly missed it ). "drumroll" Add to the Market: "All Camo patterns Splinter/Woodland/Two tone/Specials for all ships" 2000GP

Here's what you may not realize. Not all color schemes look good on every ship. Add to the fact that if I were to use 999GP for such a bundle, I'm probably going to look at the color on every ship just to be sure I like it. This is not a quick buy and adding the current state of the UI this would take over an hour.

The Camo options LOOK GREAT on EVERY SHIP. They enhance EVERY Color Coating Skin and make them shine. You should be giving these away to sell Ship Skins.

Also adding to the Skin topic, Why you haven't thought to add a "Pick 5 Legendary" or "Pick 5 Veteran" skin bundle. Meaning the player pays "X" amount and can choose 5 different skins for use on only specific Legendary or Veteran ships.

And lastly this "new" clunky bloated UI. I am going to assume that you didn't want to re-do it BUT that you needed to re-do it for some type of backend need ( server/space/compatibility ).

If it was 100% working as intended it still may not be as good as the previous UI but right meow attempting to navigate through it, selecting any ship, selecting a module, buying a module, going back and forth between menus -IT-SEEMS-LIKE-LITERALLY-EVERYTHING is a chore and makes you guys - especially the goofy talking head guys on Twitch look really silly.

It should go without saying that you have got to get this to 100% or if possible rollback to the old UI.

Oh and the Heroship page is Glitched. ( It's a mini game just to try and scroll/select the Zaratan )

Apologies for any bleeding eyes...

I play on the PS4 meow

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28 Novembre 2018 01:15

Agree with your feedback, Dreadnought will thank you for your feed back, and like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel this cycle will never end.

That is until the game does, which will be a shame.

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28 Novembre 2018 04:22

Regarding the hero ship pricing, it's by tier, iirc. T2s cost 1000, T4s cost 3000.

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28 Novembre 2018 23:08

Pricing is set by Greybox and not the devs, and its really only the devs that communicaye with us. Take as you will.

As ofr UI yeah, its bad for the market. I dont know why when you back out youre right back to the beginning and unfiltered. Plus they need to add a filter for just skins.

I agree not all skins look good on every ship, but you can buy per line. Thing is, if it looks good on 3 lines youre better off buying the bundle. Standard marketing.

Anothet thing that bugs me when you go to select a skin for your ship, the ones you possess arent listed at top and you have to search through them all.

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