Official DN Youtube Channel deleted

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7 Juin 2019 06:04

nah doubt anything will show at E3 for this game. its not anything to be remotely close to anyones radar at this point. Can't honestly believe the big news from a random nobody who only has maybe 18 posts under their belt either.

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7 Juin 2019 06:07

yeah, no chance of e3. if theyre not putting anlot into the game no chance they splurge for that.

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7 Juin 2019 07:15

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7 Juin 2019 19:32

Regarding Youtube channel and other media silence. A friend from developers contacted me with information about that.

It appeared that former Dreadnought employee messed up all media accounts (twitter, youtube, fb) with changing passwords and made a deletion attempts. Sadly, that's what happened to YT channel.

Restoring access and deleted content can take some time.

Stay tuned

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7 Juin 2019 16:56

That is not true at all. proof, or it didn't happen. also Twitter was used regularly, so I call bull.

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7 Juin 2019 17:20

see if you're saying BS then that is saying something. if anyone knows anything it would be you

you won't escape my Frightning bolts!!!

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7 Juin 2019 18:01

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7 Juin 2019 18:05

I'm just bringing you what actual dn developer said about this whole situation. Believe it or not - it is truth.

Brother Belial, you have no reason to say "That is not true at all" I dont think you are aware of anything.

Rejecting facts can't help in this situation. You are confusing people.

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7 Juin 2019 18:09

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7 Juin 2019 18:11

What "Facts"? You have not showed us a single proof. No 3d models, no Concept art, no internal gameplay tests, no screenshots of an actual dev comment. You have good intentions I guess, but you come here with barely any posts, and sugercoat this f#ed up situation, without any solid evidence.

The community should not be afraid of the developers- The developers should be afraid of their community. carrier

^I want to believe^

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7 Juin 2019 18:39

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7 Juin 2019 19:06

Well , I don't really call it "sugarcoat".

Actually, this all happened because someone claimed he wasn't paid for the job in several months. So he demanded to remove all his videos from YT channel.

And then channel got deleted. Maybe it was him. Or YT copyright policy. Dosent really matters.

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7 Juin 2019 22:41

well, he has been right thus far. the future is another matter

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7 Juin 2019 23:28

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7 Juin 2019 23:35

I hope the game does come back, and I know what it is like to lose a good long term game you played. Still here are some facts the devs know for sure so take a look or here if there does not work its the DN stats from Steam.

To come back the game needs a major update, push out to all former players and a SM Ad Camp that goes beyond just Twitch (big mistake so many eggs I suspect in that basket). Do that and maybe, basicly a relaunch. Also needs to make sure the Game is new player friendly and keep the LOLPvPer types in check, they helped frak your game btw.


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