Some Changes I'd Like to See

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25 Août 2019 19:03

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26 Août 2019 10:33

Yeah, I know it won't be happening but figured I'd post my thoughts anyways, because what the heck.

AK Dreads Increase velocity of main cannons. While accuate, long range sniping, especially against faster ships is hard to judge because it takes so long for the shots to get there. The chances of hitting a vette at long range are extremely low.

AK Destroyers Upgrade main guns. There are times I attack dreads and feel like I'm trying to take down a charging elephant with spitballs. Not a big increase but some. I love the look of the line but I don't play much because of the guns.

Healers Cut all healing in half and when a healer is healing they cant be healed by another to get rid of the healballs. These are supposed to be support vessels but are far too often game changers, even just one. Twice this weekend I came across a match where dreads just surrounded the healer and you couldnt even get to it. It's way too tough to take down a ship with a healer attatched and by the time you do you've lost enough health you dont have much chance to win. In a match I had a healer attached to my Gora and I literally didn't move and picked apart an AK dread for about 2 minutes before he fell. That shouldn't happen.

Corvettes Assault Blink warp shouldnt be able to devastate a dread. Also, I believe its a mix of two modules and an OB that allows vettes to one hit enemies. Outside of a nuke and bomb catapult that shouldnt really happen, especially from the smallest ship.

JA Dreads I know they're meant to be slow, but their movement speed is nestled between a legless sloth and a beached whale. I'm not saying make them fast by any means, but they practically dont move on their own and the jump module is pretty much a necessity, denying the player of other modules in that line. The times I've seen them not have jump modules, they're not very involved in battle and a snipers dream. Also, increase the main gun's dps for medium and longe range, they're useless beyond knife fight range.

JA Arties Flying bricks basically, the heavier armor doesn't really make up for the lack of speed. I'd like to see just a few more points added.

Lorica/Orcus Why do they have the same bow as the Gravis/Cerberus? These are the only ships where the next level doesnt have a new part.

Market Personally, I don't think hero ships should be above 2,000 gp, but I think if they were lowered to 1,500 you'd probably have a lot more people buying. Given prices for coatings, which I think are fine, for 1,500-2,000 getting parts, emblem, decal and coating would entice a lot of players.

Emblems and decals to me shouldn't exceed 300 gp and probably should be 100-200. Since you don't see these in game there isnt much beyond beyond your enjoyment in the hangar.

More choices for captain appearances. Again, like decals and emblems, they should be cheaper due to minimum use. Some more uniforms and definitely more colors.

Honestly, as a FtP you can nickel and dime players to death, but you have to have nickel and dime prices to do that and Dreadnought doesn't have those for the most part. If you like the coatings of the PCF Morningstar and PCF Silecia, 700 gp for those is a good deal. Some like the Hasta, Zilant, Orion and Naga I feel are at the right pricepoint. The rate at which I see ones like the Phoenix, Hammerhead, Zaratan etc. I rarely see in game. I don't think I've ever seen a Huscarl.

Thruster Colors Players want them so not sure why it hasnt been done. I'd love red or orange on my JA ships.

Retrofits There should be more. Given people buy hero ships for parts not sure why they havent released more. I'd love a Saab Draken inspired retrofit for my Athos.

Currency Conversion Way, way overpriced. I won't even consider it. My Otranto has almost 1 million xp. The conversion? Over 46,000 gp. 46,000. Who in their right mind would spend that?

More ships for a fleet We have 5 ships for our T4s and T5s. This shoukd really be expanded to help reduce the grind. I think a minimum of 6 ships should be available but really more. Even the minimum xp gained for ships not used can go a long way to reducing the grind.

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27 Août 2019 16:09

Good points, although I cannot agree with your anti healball measure, since I love my overheal Potato dearly. But everything else is nice, nothing to argue about.

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27 Août 2019 17:58

before i stopped playing i practiced and got pretty good with an ambush loadout on my vette which was heavy cloak/scrambler mines/BP/thrusters and would hover into the enemy group to blind the healers or arties while i burst them with a ton of damage before they reacted with sheilds. apparently that was considered broken af since no1 likes being blinded even though it was perfect to stop most healers.

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27 Août 2019 20:18

Well to me this game is about ships duking it out. The healers, at their current power rate, just have too much influence on that.

When it comes to vettes, I have no problem with their stealth and dps. Its when they can one shot you before your shields and modules activate that I have a problem with. These ships shouldnt be able to do that.

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27 Août 2019 20:32

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27 Août 2019 20:32

the warp blast and bp was pretty terrible to go against with a full T5 fight. i dont mind some healing as long as you had a competent team that knew how to use utility over raw damage.

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29 Août 2019 20:53

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30 Août 2019 17:16

Well when you have so many solos playing its pretty much impossible to coordinate that. Referencing an above match, I repeatedly put a target marker on the healer; no one elseeven tried to get it. I was forced to try and rush in and kill it, but one dread against three dies before it can make the kill...

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30 Août 2019 18:36

not much will be done about any of this anyways.

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30 Août 2019 18:55

Sadly, no.

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1 Septembre 2019 09:03

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2 Septembre 2019 10:43

A few more things.

Artillary Pods Given their damage and accuracy its like adding a sniper to the team. Id like to see dps reduced.

Market Glitches First fix it so when you exit out of an item it doesnt remove filters and send you back to the beginning. Also, add filters for coating, emblems and decals.

Coating Selection Have all the available ones at the beginning rather than having to sift through all of them.

Fleet Management Fix the glitch that automatically reorders the fleet and make swapping positions an option. Having to remove ships and select them again is annoying, especially with the above mentioned glitch.

Dpad Commands For PS4, make the dpad so that you can use the set power to options. I cant tell you how many times I died because the touchpad read the wrong one or not at all.

Sindley Bay Board. If we have it for the tutorial why not be available for a match?

Captain Appearance Is it too much to ask to be able to see their whole body for the outfit? And yes, hair.

Ribbons A list of the ribbons earned at the end of the match would be nice.

Tour Mode Essentially allows players to move through a board learning it but not fighting anyone. A good way for newer players to help catch up to veterans familiar with them already.

Outside Sindley Bay One think I liked about Star Trek Online was flying around outside Starbase and seeing other ships. A version for Sindely Bay would be cool but this is probably way too tall an order.

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4 Septembre 2019 13:45

Just want to add two further points being interesting for me. Friendly Fire: Would be more realistic and allow some nice tactics. E.g. jumping into the middle of the enemy cluster and watching them killing each other while very quickly maneuvring to avoid the shots.

Command Ship: Being pilot of the CS. Maybe a bit boring due to low speed but at least the possibility to set the direction of the ship. Limitation: Only one pilot per team and only in Onslought. Otherwise 8 CS per team vs 8 CS of the other team would be very funny.

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