Looking for people to play with

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25 Août 2019 19:45

Im a returning player but I never got past tier 3 before when I played. Im just looking for some chill people to enjoy some games with. I play on PC. Hopefully someone gets back at me.

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27 Août 2019 09:17

did you get any luck? havent been on since December since the steam launch was horrendous. judging by some of the posts on forums theres barely any life. wouldnt have minded joining ya since ive had some T4s and 5s to fly with.

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28 Août 2019 02:04

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28 Août 2019 02:05

The easiest way to squad up with someone is to use the official Dreadnought Discord Server. Just post your request there and you will find likeminded people to play with. As a bonus you even can enter voice chat which is a must-have in terms of coordination.

The Dreadnought launcher should have the link in its bottom right corner if I remember correctly.

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8 Mars 2020 20:05

I am as well looking for others to play. I even posted in the discord server. Seems this game is dying, it's a shame though.

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