PS4 Black Screen Crashes, No rewards, No ship select! 10/12/19

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12 Octobre 2019 22:46

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12 Octobre 2019 22:49


Since 10/10/19 PS4 game stability has been gradually deteriorating, but 10/12/19 it is really bad.

On 10/10, "No Ship Selection" and "No Reward" bugs have returned but were intermittent.

On 10/11, both bugs became more frequent than not.

On 10/12, No Ship Select and No Reward bugs happened almost every match... But now Black Screen Bug has returned and affects most matches and players!

Submitted several tickets, but thought reaching out here would be better than submitting more...

*Also many times bots get "stuck" motionless in their spawn until destroyed, especially on Red Sands and Amirani.

It's a shame as PS4 has been stable for months...

Thank you for your help!

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