Game Play Load Time Suggestions

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3 Janvier 2020 13:05

This forum is free QA so please think of these for suggested Requirements.

  1. While one waits - esp EST players, that you either a. have a time threshold where it will allow 1 vs 1 and the rest AI (or allow a setting to opt in for 1:1 game if wait time = 5 min or 10 b. or tell us avg wait time per division (Legendar, Veteran, Recruit)

  2. Have a single player game like the Intro, but have obsticle courses. flying through rings, shooting targets. what would be real amaxing is to have an option to play such while one waits for a real match.

  3. and for goodness sake, it takes forever to upgrade! lower the credits cost some

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4 Janvier 2020 14:00

1) 1 vs 1 would be bad since 2 vs 2 is and it would take forever to complete contracts.

2) its been asked for for a while and the chances of it happening are pretty much zero unfortunately :/

3) tgis has also been asked for some time but all we've got were increases to battle bonus and contracts, but everyone is in agreement with it.

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12 Février 2020 23:00

I would be happy to just see how many people are online and what they are queueing for. Eventually that way I could find a time slot where generally more people are online and plan around it. Also, is global chat broken? No one has responded in it for me in like a year now.

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16 Février 2020 04:45

Ducarius, Since there is no Function to see the Number of active Players ingame, I recommend this website:

This gives you an estimation how many players are logged in momentaryliy, I believe it is updated once per hour.

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20 Février 2020 23:04

That is useful info, thanks!

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