Tips on Fighter Combat in Elimination Mode?

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10 Mai 2020 05:49

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10 Mai 2020 05:50

Hello All,

I've begun to regularly enjoy Elimination Mode, and love that even after your ship is destroyed You can continue to participate in the battle in a variety of strike craft.

Though the Dreadnought Wiki goes over the four types of fighters, it really doesnt go in to any detail on how best to employ them in support of your Team.

Any Thoughts?


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17 Mai 2020 20:58

To have a real impact with Fighters in TE require coordination from the team. Lets say your 8v8 players, the best thing is if someone calls who to shoot as more and more players become Fighters and all other players LISTEN. Good luck on that last part tho as most of the time most player will just do what they want.

Alternatively, take a bomber and go against an artillery ship if there's one in the match. A long time ago when there was TE on PC, I almost managed to kill an artillery ship while I was the only one attacking it. If you can manage to get 1 or 2 other players, artillery won't last long. Other ships are harder to deal with due to either their speed or health.


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