Q & E are sad.

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18 Novembre 2016 03:50

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18 Novembre 2016 04:09

One thing that seems to me to be an obvious addition to the game is the ability to use the Q and E keys to strafe left and right. These are spaceships with reaction thrusters which should be able to move the vessel in an direction. As it is now we have a lot of battles where 2 teams are playing Whack A Mole. Ships pop up from behind cover, empty their magazine then drop back down behind cover. Adding strafing would mix this up a little and give players more control over their ships allowing them to better sneak up for the kill or bravely run away behind a rock.

So any chance we can move the existing binds from Q and E and make those strafe left and right???????????

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18 Novembre 2016 07:20

It's been asked countless times already.
The short answer is "no".

We need "Alpha" and "Beta" Camo Patterns! Just plaster the Word all over the ships hull in various sizes and angles !
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18 Novembre 2016 09:00

Q and E strafing would just make whack a mole to the sides of buildings.

The choices of our ships shouldnt be linear upgrades, they should be overhauls of the ship's playstyle

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18 Novembre 2016 11:25

There were several talks about this and how awesome it'd be in-game. However, the teams felt that with specific core mechanics it would change a lot of the core gameplay and not in a way they saw fit. At one point there were modules that would allow you to blast in specific directions (one module to blast left, one to blast right), much like a strafe. So, there may be a chance that we could see those again someday.

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18 Novembre 2016 12:18

This was actually something i was really hoping the game would have: full 3D movement. I was looking forward having to roll ships to line up top and bottom cannons, strafe ships to dodge missiles, dive and climb to evade . . . the up-down-forward-back wastes a lot of potential, and the fact that only like 2 of my 20 guns ever fire is a let-down . . . on top of the mega-fail that is everything Progression 2.0 is. hey! maybe 3.0 can give us better movement mechanics as opposed to 50 'new' re-skinned ships!

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18 Novembre 2016 17:41

Sure, if you're willing to pay for the hundred thousand dollars' worth of man-hours it would take to implement a full rewrite of a basic system.

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18 Novembre 2016 17:47

This idea has been posted 1000 times.
Simple anwer:


this is not a space sim

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