How does this game feel?

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31 Janvier 2016 17:19

Just a bit of a wooly question. smile
How does this game feel?
Yeah I know weird one. smile

Is it similar to World of Warships...with slow manoeuvering until a breakthrough is achieved?
Is it faster paced?

What do you like about it?

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31 Janvier 2016 17:23

Just so you know, the one that can probably answer those questions are the Alpha testers, but they are under an NDA. So the only things you have to judge it are the youtube videos and twitch replays.

Waiting Carrier.exe to be present in Dreadnought.
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31 Janvier 2016 17:49

From the various streams etc. it seems to heavily depend on the class, a dreadnought is going to be slowly moving through the battlefield like a naval ship, the corvette is going to be quickly flying around like a jet plane (but be quite fragile) looking for targets, artillery ship is basicly a sniper, tactical cruiser is your good old healer that sticks to the tank(dreadnought) with destroyers being the middle man between survivability and speed.

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1 Février 2016 00:00

Con attendees are not under NDA so those playing the PAX South build can probably answer. Sadly I am not one of them.

Dreadnought Testers - Chat & VoIP

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2 Février 2016 13:53

Pax attendee here. I was talking to Thor (community guy) about the feeling of this game and he stated that the current feel of the game is bugged/a work in progress. Right now there is a lot of over steer specifically with the smaller ships and the forward momentum of your ship is not exactly where they want it.

So to break this down a bit more clear
forward momentum seemed slow and doesn't actually build up.
you do have a middle mouse button to devote power to navigation making you much faster
side to side turning has a lot of over steer but is pretty quick for the size of the ships relative to the objects around you.
Finally its all a work in progress and the comments from Thor were from a lunch line so don't take them as a dev blog or promises.

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2 Février 2016 14:12

Thanks for the replies folks smile

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