Blast Pulse for T4-5 vettes

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15 Décembre 2016 10:46

I would say it needs to be removed from that class or get a heavy nerf in range. It greatly reduces counterplay for any other ship when your fastest class in the game is now a speedy Bomb that only needs to tap a button for an instant damage AOE and combined with desperate measures makes it ridiculious. If the player wants to keep it then their style with it might as well be a ship that risks it all and gets in really close to burst that damage. 1350 is not close quarters but 500-700 would be. Ya I may sound salty about it but it's just a cheap way out when you come from tiers where you have to use your brain to out maneuver other vette players and succeed in taking them down to protect your team from their assault but now giving those two players a instant win button in T4-5 throws out any real skill and only shows who decided to play this game as a FT job to make the creds and XP to get that unbreakable loadout. I know people will always find the optimal way to play but that right there isn't what a vette should be about for optimal play.

you won't escape my Frightning bolts!!!

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15 Décembre 2016 11:39

Flak range and blast pulse range should be identical. Right and before there is no risk for the vette player. I've seen it multiple times in veteran matches that t4 vettes dominate. Stay out of flak range an be fine. Cause the incredible slow primary weapons of the Otranto there is no chance of hitting them with it.
Firing a goliath and kill both me and the vette seems to me the most reliable way right now. smile

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