Official Grey Box/YAGER Representatives On This Message Board!

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26 Avril 2016 21:45

Hi everyone -

We wanted to take one quick moment to make sure you knew how to tell if you're talking to an actual Grey Box or YAGER employee instead of someone who is impersonating (oh trust us, it will happen)!

It's simple...look at their Avatar. If it has a little gray box in the corner, it's a Grey Box employee. If there is a YAGER logo symbol, that's an official member of the YAGER Dev Team. Now you know!

Sean McIntosh
Dreadnought Community Manager

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26 Avril 2016 23:57

thanks for the info

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27 Avril 2016 07:20

bumping this for everyone to see

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28 Avril 2016 04:14

Bu... but... what about me? smile

Sam 'KareRaisu' Green
-Game Designer, YAGER

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28 Avril 2016 14:45

DN_KareRaisu#3187 posted (#post-24778)

Bu... but... what about me? smile

Impersonator! :o :o :o


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4 Mai 2016 13:46

Good to know.

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