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27 Décembre 2016 23:25

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28 Décembre 2016 22:54

Currently there is a bug where when you put power to shields, your shields will appear and energy will be drained, but it will not provide any damage reduction. Unsure as to the cause of this, however I have primarily noticed it right after desperate measures has activated on the Vindicta. However, this can also be seen on other ships, as I have also observed it on the Murometz and the Invictus, neither of which had desperate measures on them. I cannot say for certain whether or not setting power to engines or weapons is effected by this bug as well.

Edit: Possibly has something to do with getting hit by a status effect missile right as desperate measures is activated. Further testing required.


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30 Décembre 2016 02:56

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30 Décembre 2016 03:09

Probably the same bug but affecting Power to Weapons:

Power to Weapons sometimes doesn't give a damage bonus when activated.

Can confirm activation via energy loss and soundbyte being played ("Amplifying weapons system")

As seen in this clip here: A boosted T4 Murometz round will one shot a T2 light corvette. A non-amped hit does ~80%. The boosted attack shown here only did as much as a non-amped attack.

Additional info: I do not own Desperate Measures and I was not hit by any status effect missiles/attacks. However I did just resume regenerating energy right before I Power to Weapon'd.

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