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28 Avril 2016 02:12

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28 Avril 2016 02:15

I appear to be stuck at the point in the tutorial where the trader tells me to buy a ship of my own. I have bought every single available ship but the game is acting like I have yet to purchase one at all. The trader just keeps instructing me to buy a ship. I can buy weapons and cosmetic items from the market but I cannot access loadouts. The game will only let me play with trader ships.

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28 Avril 2016 02:13

After purchasing it try going to the loadout and customization menus and clicking buttons there, as those are the "intended" next steps. If you still have issues I would recommend creating a support ticket.

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28 Avril 2016 02:16

The loadout button (all of the buttons besides the market button in fact) are always grayed out.

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28 Avril 2016 02:30

Same problem. It also prevents you from equipping anything you buy from the market place. And if you select 'PLAY' instead of market after the dialogue the game prevents you from clicking anything else.

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28 Avril 2016 02:40

The only time all of the buttons aren't grayed out for me is when I am in the market tab.

Once her dialogue finishes, the market button lights up. So I click it and at that point I can click "play". If I click "hangar" it just takes me back to the hangar showing the trader ships with all of the buttons grayed out again, and I have to wait for her dialogue to finish to be able to click the market button again.

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28 Avril 2016 05:23

same bug here

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28 Avril 2016 10:36

I have the same problem, after buying a ship i can go to the hangar, sometimes the next dialogue starts but the trader cut it off and everything is grey out again

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28 Avril 2016 11:41

Hope i can help you guys, so this will not make the loop stoping but you will be able to play normally, just wait her text to finish and when the market button is highlighted you can right click on it, normally you should be able to navigate anywhere on menu until she speaks again, and right click again.

Works fine with me i've been able to customize all my ships, you can buy modules directly from the hangar.

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2 Mai 2016 18:06

Thank you lordguizmo that was very helpful.

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