Game story?

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28 Avril 2016 02:20

Does the game have a proper story? Im aware there was a war and thats why many fled to the asteroid belt, but i mean a proper one that would explain the war and mby a bit more depth to the game. If not, can the community make one?

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28 Avril 2016 02:22

There is a story and lore behind ships. However it is mostly hidden in flavor text at the moment, they do have a "lore" it is probably still being fleshed out.

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28 Avril 2016 06:04

Having read the founder pack info, they certainly have some things thought out, although a full lore is likely not currently in a polished state. I think if they didn't want to spend man hours on it then some people in the community would be happy to help write snippets for them.

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28 Avril 2016 08:41

They hired a writer and are working on a episodic single player campaign, but until the "core" works flawless I do not think we will see a lot of it.

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