Match Maker ! Are you guys kidding me !

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28 Avril 2016 13:45

All I've gotten since I started yesterday is really close matches with a 5-man premade against our own premade.

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28 Avril 2016 14:18

just started playing yesterday and just reached rank 13
so far only lost 3 or 4 games and I consistently am top score and frag (8+ kills highest 16) with the first destroyer class I bought without upgrades. Even at times I would 1v3 and win as long as I have a good tac around otherwise can only 1v2.
You just need to know when and which systems you want full power to in encounters instead of complaining

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28 Avril 2016 14:40

Were there X's in the graphic of the rank?

If not, they weren't high level.

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28 Avril 2016 15:08

heh just came out of alpha and expects a fully robust MM with the playerbase size to let it function properly... yep someones still dreaming pinch them and give em some coffee

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28 Avril 2016 15:17

I'd just be happy if MM would actually give me a full team. 4 v 5 is not fun.

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28 Avril 2016 15:21

as an alpha player i am so sick of these threads. actually had a good experience yesterday in my games. teams were balanced as far as ranks/levels are concerned.

yes you will sometimes get queued up against higher ranked players. it's early access of closed beta.....
and don't talk about the balancing of ships if you have little to no playtime on all the ships in the game.

it's a beta. the playerbase is just starting to get big enough for matchmaking algorythms to grip.

go to the community discord, team up with people. learn from others. keep playing and don't get discouraged.
you are not here to test a finalized product.
you are here to betatest, find bugs, report found bugs and give CONTRUCTIVE feedback.

calm your horses.

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28 Avril 2016 15:31

Don't let fear over power you little brother . There is power in focus and training. Even the helmet wearing window lickers can be a scary force when they work as a team. And like the others said its a Beta..LoL Have fun.

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28 Avril 2016 15:32

unfortunately, you cant fix and dedicate the main match making system of a game in a closed beta environment. quantifiable player restrictions just make it that way. when open beta hits, that's when you should see a semblance of correct balance. For example, each ship has a base mm value, then each upgraded module adds value, but this game is unique in that it has to happen for EACH class ship in hanger, and you still can do it based on player level.

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28 Avril 2016 15:44

Something that should be noted; if you feel you have gotten into a bad match (against a known premade, against significantly higher ranked people then you), there is NO penalty for leaving that game/round.

Even if you leave mid round, you keep all earned xp, you do NOT keep/earn any of the endgame ribbons tho.

So if it truly is bothering you, leave that game, and reque.

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28 Avril 2016 15:47

Grave_Knight#3616 posted (#post-25062)

I'd just be happy if MM would actually give me a full team. 4 v 5 is not fun.

At least i've seen the MM hot-drop me into a running match that was short handed... so there is hope for the 4v5 matches getting a fill-in

Auto-AIM.. Holding your mommies hand one target at a time..

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