This is a PC game, and PC games are meant to go 20v20 BIG!

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30 Avril 2016 08:16

I'd rather have insane details on the ships than 20v20. Look at your ship with every action you take, and marvel in the high quality animations.

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30 Avril 2016 08:57

Why does it always have to be bigger/more chaotic ?

IMO, the 5v5 format allows for clever tactics rather than just dogpiling on any target, places focus on maneuver and cooperation ... and allows a heck of a lot more detail to be put in both the ships and environment!

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30 Avril 2016 09:39

I wouldn't be adverse to having a mode that encompasses more players, kinda like an all-out war type scenario but the game is just peachy being focused on 5v5

Fight until every bolt, hatch and bulkhead are destroyed. If we are beaten, then float your way over to them and scratch until you're dead!

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30 Avril 2016 10:31

Go play PS2, its what you want.

We are not surrounded, we are in a target rich environment.

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30 Avril 2016 18:33

I agree about the map design. But !

The problem with the 60v60 is people with poor config will not be able to run the game. They want the game to be accessible to the many so it can have an "esport" aspect.

Nether the less, having a 60v60 or event with it could be cool. But i think it should not be the core content of the game.

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30 Avril 2016 20:01

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30 Avril 2016 20:04

Well obviously they would need to make maps that are supposed to be bigger for those types of games, as long as they are big enough 20v20 would be easily balanced.

Also 20v20 is big enough to satisfy those who want a bigger battle and at the same time, people with not so good pc's can still play the game mode. 60v60 would limit a large number of players with only Custom Built PC's and those with laptops or non custom built wouldn't be able to play, that's why 20v20, I think would make the most sense.

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30 Avril 2016 23:38

20v20 is a bit insane, I would like to see larger maps and teams but that seems like lag would end up playing a major role. 8 vs 8 maybe.

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3 Mai 2016 06:58

I'm confused, why would a strategic Team PVP game go big? It will limit tactics significantly and would require huge resource to build maps capable of managing such large teams. Maybe let them focus on the core game to start with and develop from there.

I think that having an esports aspect to the game is a great idea, particularly given it is likely to have a financial gain for the dev's that will allow them to keep the game free in the future.

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3 Mai 2016 07:07

Higher player counts will only work in objective based modes not in the two modes we have at the minute, IE in modes where splitting up is a more viable option. Capture point mods like domination, or objective based modes with more then one objective, etc. As someone rightly pointed out a 20v20 team deathmatch would break balance even with larger maps, and larger maps would make the slow ships take an age to cross.

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3 Mai 2016 08:18

Nah, deff not 20-20.
That would make the minimum requirements for the game shoot up.
Especially considering the size of the ships.

An 8vs8 would be fun.

Id rather see game modes with objectives.

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