Team Elimination - Respawn in a Fighter if you don't pick a new ship after death

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4 Janvier 2017 17:26

This one is extremely hard to test, as barely anyone plays team elimination. However it appears that if you die and do not reselect a ship in team elimination, even if you are on the winning team, you will spawn in next round as a fighter. Not sure if this is an intended feature, or if it's a bug, however it does make things difficult as you are typically not able to switch ships if you are on the team that won the round. Not completely sure if this is reproducible, however I would presume it is.


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4 Janvier 2017 22:48

Probably a bug,seen that only once,after the Onslaught update,i had one unique for the times Team Elimination match,almost half the enemy team appeared as fighters at the start of the round 2 smile

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5 Janvier 2017 02:22

I am not sure. Team elimination features fighters. I guess I saw somewhere that the winners of 2 rounds can't pick a new ship.

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5 Janvier 2017 02:43

This happened to me yesterday. I was killed in the first match and continued as a fighter. We won that round and after that the UI froze until the second match began. And I warped in as a fighter. I don't know if it would have helped if I had reselected my ship, because the UI didn't let me try.

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