Heya people i am planing on creating a german speaking fun sqaud

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6 Mars 2015 15:13

Well since I am located in Germany at the moment I would like to start a squad with some people here.
For the time being raidcall would be our means of in game communication and I will set up a facebook group for communication outside the the game. If there is enough interest I would move on to make a forum and get a TeamSpeak server.
Please reply to this post if u are interested or send me a message.

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10 Mars 2015 14:12

I like german fun!

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16 Mars 2015 10:48

I would love to be in this to learn to speak more german but I don't think I know enough to carry on conversation. Sad Panda :(

Viel Glück!

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20 Mars 2015 18:03

well we could work on that i know many germany who would like to improve thier english as well

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25 Mars 2015 16:05

Hi at all,

I am a German and i would linke to play in a german squad-
and i think i am one of the persons how train her english abilities a little bit.... ;)
I' am not used to talk (and write) in english... maybe we can help each other.

hopefully we see us soon in the open beta.

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26 Mars 2015 12:50

I can provide a TS 3 server for an Sqaud if there is intresset in it give me PM.
Ich werde einen TS3 server für ein deutsches Squad zur verfügung stellen bei interesse schreibt mir eine PM und ich werde euch zu meinem Betainvite bescheid und die TS daten geben.
Mfg Ionenkanone

Ich möchte eine Deutsche Dreadnaought community starten schick mir ne PM und ich liefer zum Betastart ein TS.

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27 Mars 2015 17:08

danke ionenkanone ich werde auf dein angebot zurückgreifen wenn wir ein paar leute zusdammen haben ich warte auch auf dem beta invite

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9 Avril 2015 08:24

Hey, can you still sign up for the german squad?

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26 Avril 2015 02:49

i just wrote this post to see if there is any intrest in a german sqaud i havent yet startet to registe any members ect (will start of next mont )
dont worry we always have a place open for anyone who wants to join and play together!
so peace out please inform my once u get into the beta i would like to get an idea of the game for my self by first hand or though friends (i dont have a beta key)

Darkness is will lead u to light.

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30 Mai 2015 19:44

Hi Leute

ich komme auch aus aus Deutschland und würd gern bei euch mitmachen. Wenn ihr einen TS-Server habt meldet euch bitte bei mir ich schau von Zeit zu Zeit mal als hier ins Forum

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