Regarding The Cost Of Officer Briefings In The Market

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3 Mai 2016 22:04

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4 Mai 2016 12:44

First of all, the entire Dreadnought Team wants to apologize for the unexpected change to the Market prices. We did a very poor job communicating this change out prior to it's implementation and has caused a lot of understandable outrage we would like to clarify.

For those unaware, Officer Briefings (aka Perks) currently cost 250 GP in the Market. GP (GreyBox Points) we have deemed our "hard currency", or in-game currency that is primarily obtained by purchasing GP Packs through real money.

What we failed to communicate effectively before this update was there will be other methods of obtaining GP in Dreadnought. Currently the team has plans to include GP earnings as players reach milestones in progression, such as hitting Captain Rank 5, 15, 25, etc (this is just an example, not concrete numbers), and including GP rewards for completing select Contracts, essentially our "daily quests" system in the game. And more!

We also want to stress that Dreadnought is at the beginning of Closed Beta, and we plan to be at this stage of development for a while as we continue to improve the game based off our own internal plans and, more importantly, YOUR feedback. If we ever wanted to answer the question "could we have Officer Briefings cost GP?" this time would be really the only valid time to do so. As Dreadnought continues to be improved and refined over the coming months it becomes more solidified in what it is, and we become more focused-in from a design standpoint.

Both us and the community have yet to completely comprehend the entire crazy sausage that is Dreadnought, which is why we want to remain in Beta as we all figure it out fully. Officer Briefings decisions are one facet of a player's loadout. Combine that with abilities, ship class, ship size, weapon selection, even what Coatings and Hero Sets they have all factor in some way to how they interact on the battlefield. Now add nine more players making the same decisions. Now add player skill into the mix.

It's astonishing! There is so much that can determine the outcome of a match. And we are just now gathering enough data on all of these decisions to really find out what works. Is Officer Briefings bought for GP equating to a player purchasing wins? We aren't sure, and look forward to finding out so we can make the correct decisions for the game and everyone playing it.

This has also brought up a point about progression wipes we would like to clarify. There will be wipes in Closed Beta. There may be wipes in Open Beta. We want to avoid at all costs wipes once Dreadnought is live. When a wipe does happen, we will communicate it out well ahead of time, and you will not lose anything you have GP paid for. Founder's Packs and GP Packs are regranted to everyone who bought them. We are choosing to regrant the GP Packs and not the actual items you buy GP with because some players may want to make another decision with that currency. Maybe they tried out that Coating and want another one. Maybe we changed the prices of Decals so they cost less. We don't want your past purchases in the Market to be so locked in you feel any regret.

Lastly and most importantly is, we WANT your feedback smile The entire team loves it, both positive and negative. Dreadnought is a communication between us the devs and you the players. Our Commerce team is combing through the forums, reddit, and everywhere else as we speak taking everything in. So please, continue to tell us what you think of Dreadnought, and we will do our very best to communicate back to you.

This does come with the understanding on both sides of the dev process that games cost money to make. We want Dreadnought to be FUN! We love making it! And the only way we can do that is if we can keep the lights on. So what we want to ask everyone is, if not Officer Briefings what would you possibly spend a few bucks on? Our team is already getting the wheels of conversation spinning on Coatings that are free for all and having some cosmetic sexiness available through Daily Contracts. We're not looking to have players turn out their pockets and pay hand over fist to have fun blowing up bigass space ships, so let us know what we can do to make that market experience in Dreadnought more enjoyable for you!

Thank you, as always, for your time, patience, and understanding!

UPDATE: Thank you for the feedback, we are adding FP as an option for Officer Briefings now. You can find further clarification on this matter here.

Sean McIntosh
Dreadnought Community Manager

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3 Mai 2016 22:09

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4 Mai 2016 10:59

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3 Mai 2016 22:09

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3 Mai 2016 22:24

Thanks for the update, there is quite a strong sense that this change should be reverted until the GP earning via gameplay is implemented.
Additionally earning GP via gameplay should allow players to buy all game mechanic related items at the normal progression rate.
The leveling system already has implications on the competitive nature of the game this change pretty much tanks it because O/B are extremely powerful and for the most part have a large outcome on the result of a skirmish than any specific module loadout for many of the ships out there.

Also this is probably the worse time to test this out, the game has allot of problems for core balance issues in the main game mode (TDM) to server stability issue.
You are testing if players will be willing to sink money into a game that at points is barely functional, if this was done at the end of the beta when players were invested we understand but now this is just not the time.

The test of this change if at all should've been pushed to the very last progression wipe before going into OBT or even release when players are already invested in the game and where you don't have a large population of people who've already purchased the modules for 1FP.

There is simply not justification to invest money currently other than to support the developer, and for a long time we had trust in you after you've stated time and time again that nothing that would affect game mechanics would ever be sold for hard cash only.
This whole ordeal has cost you allot of the trust that the community held for you guys and many of us feel that we can no longer give you the benefit of the doubt, especially when such a huge change was implemented with such poor communication.

And i have to at least personally state that the "will players be willing to spend money on X" is a horrific attitude, this is testing the waters, this is what players fear and why many of us do no longer pre-order.
DN was one of 3 games I've supported early in the past 5-6 years, I've done so because all of the communication so especially by the lead directors suggested that "these guys get it", that this game will have a competitive feature and not turn into a casual money / time sink war gaming title.

I've spent 100's of dollars a year on some games but I've never paid even a single dollar in a game that would sell anything gameplay related for hard currency.
Anything you can play should be attainable via playing the game period, cosmetics are more than fine, and boosts are acceptable but forcing some one to pay 5$ to get 30% more damage for modules is simply wrong.

Don't get mad - git gud.

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3 Mai 2016 22:10

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3 Mai 2016 22:11

" if not Officer Briefings what would you possibly spend a few bucks on?"

everything about the aesthetics of the ships, do not do it to become a p2w, the game is very nice and I'm there I'm having fun much, apart from the problems of matchmaking! Do not ruin him

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3 Mai 2016 22:12

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3 Mai 2016 22:13

P2W confirmed. Moving on.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain..."

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3 Mai 2016 22:13

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3 Mai 2016 22:14

So what your saying is that to be even remotely competitive we need to spend money to earn GP to actually unlock everything instead of saving up for 10 levels to buy one new Officer briefing?

I will be outclassed and out matched because I wont have these briefings.

Am I close?

I bought the $40 pack, was excited for this game, gave two keys out to friends, they are on the edge of buying the game.

I just told them about this. Now all of my friends who were interested (7) have decided to hold off until it is changed back.

I have also requested a refund as I, and EVERYONE ELSE, was under the impression that this game was going to be pay-to-look-good-and-different and not a pay-to-win model. You said it yourselves, vanity will cost money and that is totally fine since it doesn't effect game play.

I might buy the game in the future, but for now you have lost me as a customer and you lost my trust. Absolutely terrible you guys.

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3 Mai 2016 22:13

Most definitely add cosmetic items to the market that cost GP. Add decals, paint, the lot, but I feel that making us pay real world dollars for Mods is a bad idea. I am certain that it will leave a bad taste in people's mouths, as it certainly would be "pay to win".

I feel that there are a lot of AAA titles out there that charge for cosmetic items, and if the scheme did not work, they would have stopped doing it already, in as far as bringing in additional revenue.

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3 Mai 2016 22:14

Personally, I don't have a problem with having a GP and FP cost on every item, so long as the current FP costs aren't changed. I would leave the GP cost (though imo it is a little high perhaps, but of course I don't know how much will be gained from contracts) and add a FP cost as well.

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3 Mai 2016 22:16

I said it before and I'll say it again. if you want a sure fire way to promote monetization, you should add a way to gift cash shop items. This will allow generous players with money to buy items for players who might not buy those items themselves. And as long as someone is paying for it, does it matter who bought it?

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3 Mai 2016 22:18

I understand the reasoning behind it, but I am still FIRMLY of the stance that GP should ONLY be used for cosmetic items. Attaching money to GAMEPLAY does a lot of nasty things with a game, its community, and errodes towards increasingly destructive compromises down the road with worsening justifications.

This is a bad move, a trap, a pitfall you will stick yourselves into; don't do it. Draw the line firmly between earned accomplishments and purchased micro-products. It will strengthen the core gameplay and provide a better psychological atmosphere where players/customers actively WANT to support you instead of being "forced" to(by other players who buy power).

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