Regarding The Cost Of Officer Briefings In The Market

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4 Mai 2016 07:20

tbh when i saw the GP cost of the officer item i figured it was a typoo error since it was 250 same as a lot of modules and did not think much of it, and similarly when i read here that its intentional i did not get too worked up about it BECAUSE it would be such a stupid move from the company making the game if they keep things as they are.

one possibility is that its an honest mistake and bad phrasing on the OP with the whole "we are excited to see if ppl think this stuff is p2w or not, "we dont know lets find out together" lets see what we can get away with" corporate speak, because if it was not meant as such this is what it looks like, the OTHER possibility is that the devs ARE scummy and if thats the case then it was IMMENSELY stupid to tip their hands like this, either way we will see soon enough how tings pan out with the actions (or lack therof) in the coming weeks

I have only played for 3 days and im level 22 as of writing, but i have talked to friends and we talked about how this is easily a game we would buy skins for if thats what u are worried about, but as a matter of principle i will not play a game that is in ANY way pay to win, what i would sugest is to make EVERYTHING have a GP cost, and anything that matters for gameplay have a FP cost and a level restriction, so if somone wants to skip the leveling to get a fancy ship thats ok, but nothing permanently locked away behind money that impact games

to be honest i preffer the good old buy the game approach, but i like this game enough im willing to go for the F2P ride, but any hint of P2W and im out even tho im having fun, its simply a slippery slope in game making that i care too much about, if i allow this then who is to say every game will not be like this in 20 years?

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4 Mai 2016 07:46

It may not be directly P2W, but it's locking gameplay related perks behind a paywall. It's practically buying power.

All gameplay related boosts, perks, or skills should always be purchasable through gameplay. Anything else is unacceptable.

If this doesn't change I will be refunding my pack and never playing again.

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4 Mai 2016 08:03

Here's the thing I find most important. This kind of sucked the wind out of my sails for multiple reasons. Firstly it just kind of goes against what we thought this game would be. I understand you are planning a grind that can eventually unlock this stuff... but previously there was no barrier at all. You could either speed through it with GP or buy it with FP. That's honestly the best thing you can do. GP still being earned as an incentive to keep playing so you can someday buy hero ships or skins could work...

The other reason I'm disappointed is this damaged my friends opinion of this game gravely. We went from debating builds and matchmaking to... hey this other game's beta is about to start...

It's like the game's bright future just kind of ended in one night with all (and I do mean ALL) of my friends kind of drifting away. It was 9pm... and none of us wanted to play.

Please understand that I get this is a beta and this isn't even the finalized plan. That you could completely undo it. I'm just letting you know how huge of an impact this has had. You've got to be more careful in how you release builds and the information released to the players. Right now I'm still more depressed than anything else. Been playing this for 400+ hours since January... I don't regret my $40... but it may be the last I ever spend.

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4 Mai 2016 08:06

p2w in 2016 in the first days of closed server test. Good job out there. Me and my friends are out of this. 0/

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4 Mai 2016 08:30

"What we failed to communicate effectively before this update was there will be other methods of obtaining GP in Dreadnought." WILL is the main point here. You don't make something(non cosmetic) suddenly only buyable for GP in a closed beta while there is no option for alternatives already. This makes it p2w. It is, because you can already buy GP for money, hard cash.
Also as I wrote on server maintenance post, you made everything 1 fp for a brief time when the matchmaking was broken and many players couldn't level. Now ppl are stuck with less ships while others bought everything for 1 fp each. You better put back the 1 fp costs. It makes absolutely no sense that the 1 fp cost was only for a brief time in a closed beta that will be wiped anyway. You skewed the player base gear/ship powers.
Anyway I stopped to play this game for now.

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4 Mai 2016 08:35

With the abiltiy of being able to acauire GP ingame and not only with real money, what makes it different from FP? This mechanic will blur the difference between the both currencies and even then I still strongly feel items with an effect on gameplay should solely cost FP. And last I checked BOs do have an effect on gameplay.

So I wonder how they will handle this situation, as I feel this was not only poor communication but also poor decission making. And already made a bad mark on the game, sadly bad timing as the game is getting a lot of attention right now with the start of closed beta. So lets hope Greybox can dismantle this minefield faster then the news spread and starts blowing up.

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4 Mai 2016 08:47

I don't even know where to I wont, I am out. I will be around Discord for a while (as a normal member), then I am gone for good.

See you in in the future Captains

Dreadnought Testers - Chat & VoIP

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4 Mai 2016 08:50

Wobbley#8100 posted (#post-30385)

I don't even know where to I wont, I am out. I will be around Discord for a while (as a normal member), then I am gone for good.

See you in in the future Captains

gg greybox! gg sixfoot!

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4 Mai 2016 08:50

Dont you guys see? By saying that you will be able to earn GP without pay real money they are basically going to force you into a bigger grind than should be necessary. Yet those with alot of disposable income can simply skip this and have all the unlock that you had to work so hard for. So the end result is you work through the complete progression system of the game which is now longer thanks to the 'pay to progress' option available to you which you wont use, whereas the 15 year olds with daddy's credit card make your time grinding seem like a chore.

Premium currency should ONLY touch on cosmetic items. Having the option there for game changing modules and crew skills indirectly changes the economy and the grind.

And what is this about your just 'testing'? So your admitting your testing a pay to win game market? Did it ever occur to you devs that there is no use testing something you promised you were never going to implement (a pay to win game) especially at the cost of being able to collect any credible data on economy and progression.?

This 'test' is really shooting yourselves in the foot when you could be gaining some solid data that would help create a balanced progression model.

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4 Mai 2016 09:02

The only thing that should have a GP only cost is cosmetics and possibly hero ships (which is only really cosmetic, kinda).

Why even have GP as a in game earnable when you have FP?

Have ship hulls and/or items for those ships that can be earnable via FP and bought via GP, both with a lvl requirement if you think charging for just cosmetics is not going to cut it for you guys.

Obviously you have to make money somehow.

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