No Win Bonus in Onslaught and Team Death Match

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14 Janvier 2017 17:26

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14 Janvier 2017 18:35

It appears that on all maps, in Onslaught and Team Death Match (TDM) the win bonus appears to be bugged, as you will not receive any credits upon a win, however you will get extra experience, both free and ship specific. You will receive the full win bonus in Team Elimination however, so this bug appears to be exclusive to Onslaught and TDM. This has been tested by multiple people, and the bug is completely reproducible. Currently there is no known cause or work around.


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16 Janvier 2017 15:27

Came here to write the same thing.

So in this case, confirming what draggomer reporting.

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16 Janvier 2017 16:13

I noticed the same thing since yesterday after reading this thread. I can confirm.

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16 Janvier 2017 16:29

I have also experienced this problem.

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