Please Help Me Welcome The Yager Development Team!

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11 Mars 2015 23:57

Hey all -

The Devs are ready to ENGAGE - are you? They'll start interacting with this already loyal community starting tomorrow... so let the discussions, opinions, questions and recommendations fly. They'll address and answer what they can.

We're so lucky to have them here, so please help me give them a warm welcome!


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12 Mars 2015 00:08

I second EMpulse's sentiment, we're very lucky to have them here and of course developing a game we're all excited to be a part of!

The devs have been an absolute joy to work with so far and I have witnessed first hand just how much love, consideration, and care they have for the community at large. I may be a bit biased but I truly believe this game and the community that surrounds it are in good hands with the folks at Yager.

Please welcome them with the same kind words and open arms you welcomed me with, they absolutely deserve it!


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12 Mars 2015 02:42

Already tomorrow?
Can't wait :D

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12 Mars 2015 03:36

Welcome one and all :)

The game looks amazing and the community is about to bloom I'm sure.

I'm pleases to be here early on and looking forward to contributing when the test phase starts ;)

Good luck.


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12 Mars 2015 05:42

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12 Mars 2015 05:42

Wait before saying we're all loyal community members, cause you'll never know if one of us will not end pointing a Tesla cannon at you, hehehe. :)

Jokes aside, I'll welcome them as much as I can, and provide as much help and good discussions as I can.

Good luck to all of them !

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12 Mars 2015 08:19

I have just one thing to say them:

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12 Mars 2015 09:37

Welcome Yager Devs! I met some of you at PAX East and you were all super friendly! Can't wait to start growing this game even more with you!

Though as DarkLoser said, I cannot be held accountable if my Tesla Cannon finds it's aim on you.


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12 Mars 2015 09:44

Dev Time, WOOHOO!!

"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing."

May the Dreadnought be with you!

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12 Mars 2015 10:59

Thank you for the warm welcome! We are happy that you like Dreadnought and glad to be around to answer questions, get your feedback and give you some insight on what we are doing.

Mark "Kreisbrecher" Liebold
Producer, YAGER

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12 Mars 2015 11:54

Will you be setting up a Q&A thread? Or can we ask here 😄

Detected three minor impacts across the bow, No damage registered, Probably just debris, Sir.

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