Developer Q&A Megathread (General)

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12 Mars 2015 14:52

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12 Mars 2015 14:57

Greetings, Captains!

Now that these forums have been graced with the presence of the folks over at Yager I wanted to create and sticky an official "general" Q&A thread for you to submit your questions to. Have questions about Dreadnought not related to ships or game modes? Ask them here in this general thread! Otherwise you can find the appropriate Q&A threads in the other sections of the forum.

Arm the question cannons and fire away!


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12 Mars 2015 15:49

Will you be adding damage models to the game instead of straight up health bars?

For instance, you have various modules like shield generators, targeting arrays, sensors, life support, etc., and if you lose one of them it impacts ship performance. Like if your targeting array/sensors are damaged or destroyed, your accuracy decreases.

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12 Mars 2015 15:52

Follow up to my previous question, will there be various game modes similar to how WarThunder does multiplayer where there is an "Arcade" mode where game mechanics/controls/damage, are simpler and more forgiving, and more simulator-esque modes where you have more control over your ship and there is more realism?

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12 Mars 2015 16:00

I am pretty sure you are going to add in-game purchases and microtransactions for real money. Are these going to be for buying the skins or they will be to buy equipment for the ship.

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12 Mars 2015 16:07

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12 Mars 2015 17:03

Will there be dinosaurs in a particular map? Or abandoned space monkeys in ancient NASA shuttles?

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12 Mars 2015 16:46

Can you tell us more about the economy in Dreadnought ? How much you need to farm to get a ship/upgrapes for exemple.

Do you even lift ?

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12 Mars 2015 16:47

Will there some kind of clan system or clan management? Can we create guilds/clans to fight together?

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12 Mars 2015 16:55

About multiplayer: there will be "bountyes", like you have to kill a certain number of times a random selected enemy from the opposite team?

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12 Mars 2015 16:56

About the interface: will you be open to mods or alternative UI developed by the community?

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12 Mars 2015 18:47

What are your long term goals for Dreadnought? Do you eventually see DLC or Expansions on the horizon? If so any clues on what they might be :D

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