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21 Janvier 2016 11:42

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21 Janvier 2016 11:43

I got a code but there is no site where i can activate it ?


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21 Janvier 2016 11:45

on the right

Dreadnought Wikia

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21 Janvier 2016 11:48

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21 Janvier 2016 17:49

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21 Janvier 2016 18:01

Hmm, missing that button here :/

Edit: Nah, it appeard after the fourth reload.

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21 Janvier 2016 20:15

Mordius#3823 posted (#post-10329)

Keep the chatter in the correct forum guys

guys, I think thats the wrong way to address off topic comments. Its rather discouraging to newer players. To keep this a friendly community, I would just point out a topic link to further discuss something. thanks guys.

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22 Janvier 2016 12:02

Crimson#8532 posted (#post-786)

Just signed up, had my computer built for gaming last Oct. is it invite only for alpha/beta? how do I download/invite only I'm guessing?

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22 Janvier 2016 17:31

DEVASTRATOR#4326 posted (#post-10581)

on the right

Missing the button here too...
Does anyone know how to get it? Despite reload...

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22 Janvier 2016 17:40

Maybe force refresh? Your browser might be loading from cache instead of actually refreshing properly. Pretty sure ctrl+F5 is the keyboard shortcut for it.
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22 Janvier 2016 17:55

I force reloaded the page, restarted my browser, cleared cache... Nothing...

The support isn't answering either...

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28 Janvier 2016 05:39

how the game is installed

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