The Person Below Me (Game)

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24 Mars 2015 14:11


The person below me is going to be THAT GUY who stealths up to my Artillery Cruiser and sneak attacks me...

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24 Mars 2015 14:18

True. You deserve that surprise buttsecks. You coward !

The person below me will challenge someone to do a Destroyer ramming joust.

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24 Mars 2015 14:52


The person below me wants some fresh news so we have something to talk about!

Detected three minor impacts across the bow, No damage registered, Probably just debris, Sir.

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24 Mars 2015 14:57


The person below me spends 4+ hours a day gaming.

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24 Mars 2015 20:24

False! I wish I could play 4+ hours a day, but in reality its probably 2 hours tops.

The person bellow me is so excited to play Dreadnought hes already decorated his room with battle cruisers

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25 Mars 2015 17:51

False, but only because they won't give me the assets ;) I am super stoked though!!

The person below me has played other games by Yager

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25 Mars 2015 18:44

TRUE! Love me some Spec Ops. (Need to finish it though, curse my terrible video game attention span.)

The person below me can name all 5 of the ORIGINAL Power Rangers without Googling. Bonus points for telling me their color and dinozord.

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26 Mars 2015 08:18

False. I hated that show.

The person below me will play the beta for 5+ hours straight when it comes out.

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26 Mars 2015 13:47

Possibly false, I'm the sort of player who plays 2 hours, takes a break for 30 minutes and then goes back in for another 2 hours. Rinse, repeat.

The person below me will at some point do a Captain Nero and scream "FIRE EVERYTHING!" at some point during a battle.

Exitus acta probat.

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26 Mars 2015 14:38


The person below me knows that's thier place ;-) lol.

(I'm starting to sound like my wife now)

Detected three minor impacts across the bow, No damage registered, Probably just debris, Sir.

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