Dreadnought Tournament, May 29th!

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26 Mai 2016 20:34

Dreadnought Tournament!


Sunday, May 29th, 17:00 UTC (10:00 PST, 13:00 EST, 3:00 ACT)

Be on Discord. If you want to organize yourselves into your own teams, please arrive early so you can coordinate with your friends. At 17:00 UTC we will begin to randomly assign anyone leftover into teams. The first matches will all start 30 minutes after that, at 17:30 UTC, so don’t be late or you may not get a team.

There will be Mercenary and Hunter pack giveaways! The exact number will be determined by how many people participate. These rewards will be raffled. But the prize for winning the tournament will be the greatest of them all: Internet Glory.

Lessons from the Past:
We don’t want players sitting around waiting for matches, but we also want to film our event, and we can’t be everywhere at once! So we’re planning for four teams for this event. If more than four teams are present, we’ll be doing a single-elimination bracket at the start of the tournament to reduce the teams to the requisite four. So everyone has a chance to play.

Tournament Style:
Round Robin. Once we have our four teams all matches will be streamed. This means that nobody will be sitting around waiting for their match for longer than 15 minutes. At the end of the round robin, the two highest scoring teams will participate in one final match for the Glory!

Team Sizes:
The format will be 4v4. The fifth player slot on either team will be utilized by our cameramen. An additional player will need to be found for the single-elimination round ONLY if there are more than four teams present. We’ll give you as much notice as we can.

For more information, please contact:

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29 Mai 2016 13:46

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29 Mai 2016 18:37

Stream is not live (anymore)

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29 Mai 2016 16:30

Haben leider im Finale verloren-.-

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29 Mai 2016 17:31

STUFF24#5948 posted (#post-36744)

Haben leider im Finale verloren-.-

"We unfortunately lost"

GG NSA, looking forward to the next tournament

Blue Vengeance - Deutscher Multigaming Casual Clan

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29 Mai 2016 18:19


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29 Mai 2016 18:38

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29 Mai 2016 18:41

Thanks for your continued interest and participation!

I’m happy to announce the winners of the recent tournament, in which all participants did very nicely and gave the winning Team NSA a run for their money.

So congratulation to Team NSA, comprising of Ashamael, Wyvyrias, Lightmonk and Dogma, for putting up a glorious spectacle and winning the tournament by great teamwork and elaborate tactics. It shall be known that they pulled ahead from their competitors despite unflinching icebergs that were unwieldy to the brute force of a plasma ram.

Scoring a great second place we have team Blue Vengeance which members where STUFF24, GER_Tobias, Vitticeps and Kazma. Having beating their competition and clawed their way to the final match, they were clearly the underdog that people wanted to see to rise up to the challenge that the signup of the NSA posed. They fought brilliantly and we hope to see more of you guys in the future smile

Which leaves us with the honours for the third place, which was taken by team Flying Trashcans. Despite their great name they sported good coordination and they were not easily pushed aside by anyone. Maybe they will contest their brethren in our next instalment?

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29 Mai 2016 18:42

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29 Mai 2016 18:43

What would any given event be without a great voice to comment on all the great things that happened during a dreadnought match? Boring, I’d say when you are waiting in the lobby for your game to come up. That is why KrazyFlyinChicken and AitConvarion deserve utmost credit for the burden they’ve shouldered and the gifts the have distributed smile

While I do like our casters voice I’m the experience would not be quite the same without the handy work of Shagohad and Aiomi who were providing the camera feeds during the events. So thanks to you for your continued support.

I’d like to extend my special thanks to my partner in crime Corran_Horn who handled all the streaming related issues and people during the whole event. Also I’d like to thank him for all the work that he overall puts into the whole undertaking and the hours we spent discussing matters and circumventing issues.

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