Greetings from Boston

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24 Mars 2015 20:18

The demo at Pax East intel booth was awesome, I also got a chance to be at the after party and check out the tournament. This game is going to be awesome

let my beam heal you

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25 Mars 2015 03:18

Welcome, sounds like you had a great time at Pax.

Make yourself at home.

Detected three minor impacts across the bow, No damage registered, Probably just debris, Sir.

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25 Mars 2015 10:38

Greetings Commander! Thanks for having a blast at our party :D:D:D

Sean McIntosh
Dreadnought Community Manager

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26 Mars 2015 17:01

Another lucky Captain that played the game: I WANT TO PLAY IT TOO!

But, anyway, Welcome =D

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