Fix For Red Sands Crash

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17 Février 2017 18:49

If you are consistently crashing on the Red Sands map, we have identified the issue and a solution.

Due to the nature of Dreadnought's patch process a corruption in an asset on that map cannot be hotfixed by patching your current build but is fixed on new downloads of the game.

Please uninstall Dreadnought and completely re-download and reinstall the game. This should give you an uncorrupted version of the map asset and will no longer crash.


Sean McIntosh
Dreadnought Community Manager

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17 Février 2017 23:03

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17 Février 2017 23:03

Can I inquire as to why it cant be fixed via a hotfix? Perhaps simply removing that map for the time being would be a better course of action, as unfortunate as it may be, I doubt the majority of Dreadnoughts players ever really visit the forums.

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18 Février 2017 01:49

100% Right.
I only clicked that link to get rid of this annoying notification on my Cellphone...

Or at least any Ingame message/warning...

It took 3 month of "Server unavailable - pls try again later" before i even thought about an issue with my install

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18 Février 2017 05:41

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18 Février 2017 08:20

Please fix the forom spam

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18 Février 2017 11:11

To be clear: I get intermittent crashes when the Red Sands map is loading (I'd say 25%of the time). Is this what you're referring to?

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21 Février 2017 00:35

This solution didn't fix the issue for me

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23 Février 2017 18:40

Me neither it seems...still get a crash when trying to load into Red Sands on Team Deathmatch (other modes are and have always been fine). The only thing I didn't uninstall was the Unreal Engine prereqs.

Born to ride the storm description

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27 Février 2017 06:55

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1 Mars 2017 10:59

Got this on RedSand too, and at other maps :/
Playing 2-3 Battles, Try to join the 4th one - maplodas - crash-to-Desktop; Restarting PC - Start the Game - No Battle-Rejoin Possible. This Crash happens in 1 of 4 Maploads. No matter if multiple-Screen use or Multitasking, it still happens with an single screen and fullscreen-mode without any [alt]+[tab].
I dislike the idea that there is an team out there with one less player... and there are maintance costs too. Not funny.

Update: Starting the Game today, Veteran - Mode: Any - Two Times Red Sand with Back-to-Desktop Error in an row smile
So i have to reinstall it.

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