Anybody planning on streaming this?

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30 Mars 2015 16:03

I know I'm thinking about it. I wanted to get in the world of streaming and other stuff in the industry. If there are others planning on on it, what would be your main focus to talk about during your matches? I feel like early on, the game play vids created will help pull in other gamers who may never have heard of the game or could be on the fence.

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30 Mars 2015 16:10

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30 Mars 2015 16:11

Probably me, I've been meaning to get back into streaming but haven't had anything fun to play recently. I'd probably just commentate what was going on in the game and talk to viewers like I normally do. Also don't forget teaching people how to play and any tips and tricks I learn along the way!

Link to my stream

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30 Mars 2015 16:20

sadly i don't have a fast enough connection to stream =(
but yea, talk about what's going on, what you're doing and why, talk about what you like and dislike about the game, answer questions, maybe talk about what you would like the devs to implement, there's loads of topics you can cover

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30 Mars 2015 16:49

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30 Mars 2015 16:57

Unfortunately my internet isn't fast enough for streaming, I do have a small YouTube channel but I am keen on adding a new game.

Much the same really, be good to get a few of us on TS for a few rounds might be a laugh when recording.

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30 Mars 2015 17:32

  • Average computer rigs
  • Average internet connection
  • Very little time to play
  • No patience to play AND nicely commentate about the game (I yell!)

So no, streaming is not an option for me =(

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30 Mars 2015 17:58

I can't really stream for multiple reasons (internet not good enough, not enough time, not alone, etc...), and I don't have a youtube channel. However I might take a look at your stream and videos guys. Maybe even try to pop up just to troll a little. :p

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30 Mars 2015 18:02

We should get a mega thread going over in the community section of everyone's Youtube / Twitch / other things

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30 Mars 2015 18:49

I might give it ago but i am not sure my internet would be fast enough to stream with out having the stream be laggy and all most unwatchable.

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30 Mars 2015 23:49

Living in korea, I happen to have a decent fiber connection and I will probably be streaming when the game is out.

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31 Mars 2015 02:03

I'd like to support the game with some YT videos (don't think i'm a big youtuber),
good luck with the streaming guys :)

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