Fighter Mini-Game! And Feedback

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7 Juillet 2016 13:23

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7 Juillet 2016 13:26

We decided to test the fighters in Team Elimination by trying out an imagined mini-game.

What we did was the following:
- Both teams selected 1 player to fly Monarch.
- All other players killed themselves to respawn as Fighters.
- The Monarchs were not allowed to shoot at each other directly. They could only shoot at the fighters.
- First team to kill the enemy Monarch wins.

Here is the video of the gameplay (all 10 people are in comms together so sorry if it gets loud):

Here's what I took away from it:

  • All of the fighters are largely worthless.
  • The healing does nothing.
  • The bombing runs do little.
  • The main guns do almost no damage, even to other fighters!
  • Fighters cannot easily kill one another unless using the missile-loaded fighter jet.
  • The anti-missile lasers don't seem to work.
  • Tonnes of animation problems.

The way I see it, it's almost as if fighters weren't meant to have any bearing on the game at all. Their only purpose seems to be to keep enemy ships in permanent combat to prevent health from regenerating. But I think there's so much more potential.

My suggestion:

  • Increase the healing to more appreciable amounts.
  • Increase the cooldown on anti-missle laser, increase its effect.
  • Increase damage for the bombs from the bomber.
  • Reduce all of the fighters' HP to make it possible for them to actually kill one another with their primary weapons. (who doesn't love a good dogfight?)

The point I'd like to make is that it would be really, really cool if the fighters had a strong impact on the game, and not just some glorified spectator slot. If one team is running a couple of healing fighters, then the onus should be on the other team to switch into the appropriate fighter jets to shoot them down!

If the fighters' special abilities actually made an impact to the overall game, then there would be more impetus for either team to maintain fighter superiority. A team who is losing will have more fighters to use to take fighter supremacy and regain the advantage for their team.

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7 Juillet 2016 13:50

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7 Juillet 2016 13:54

I dont have much experience in higher level team eliminations so i am uncertain how these changes will affect the game balance in those scenarios. So from a balancing side, i will get back to you.

But from a player perspective, if you have fighters in the game then let us use them!! why not implement a "game mode" where it is just fighters. Like how overwatch places you in a skirmish match while you wait for a game. At present, players are restricted to watching a pseudo-static screen. Aside from a few odds and ends there isnt much to do. So why not drop us into a fighters only match? have a map where waiting players can jump into a fighter and shoot other waiting players, or even AI bot fighters. Then once a match is ready drop a matchmaking message on the HUD and bam! people are no longer bored out of their minds for anywhere up to 45 minutes waiting for a match. There will be far less complaints about long match making wait times. There are no scores, no levels, no username even, just drop in, shoot, kill, die, respawn and none of it matters. Just mindless fun.

Of course, this has problems. There are a lot of back-end functionality that might need to change or be implemented. i dont know how difficult it would be, but if people are complaining about wait times, give them something to do. a fighter mini-game is a good solution and a lot of assets are already in place.

Sorry for derailing your post chicken, but you did demonstrate how much fun that "mini-game" is (and i didnt want to start a separate thread).

I agree though, there is a lot that can be done with fighters to make them far more interesting and far more useful.

However, if fighters are strengthened too much then there will be three systems to balance: regular ship balance, fighter ship balance, and regular ship vs fighter balance. Naturally a regular player ship will and should always win with little trouble, but then the fighters feel useless like they did previously. A small buff, would help them feel more useful but the degree of impact they should have on a game is a fine balance, one i am unsure how to manage. But i agree, there is a lot of potential and a lot of exciting things you could do with fighters in team elimination.

Leaving them as they are seems like a waste of assets as they will not effect the outcome of the game of team elimination. And realistically, if its a tournament the players are already dead they wont care if they get fighters or not if they are meaningless to the outcome of the match. It is a glorified spectator mode.

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7 Juillet 2016 14:06

I thought the "glorified observer" role was intentional given the game mode.

I do agree that it might be fun to put those ships to good use in another game mode though.

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7 Juillet 2016 18:32

Oh that looks hilariously fun!

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8 Juillet 2016 15:12

This actually sounds like a really fun game variant. Maybe they could have AI controlled dreadnoughts and all players only use fighters with the goal of destroying the enemy dreadnought. I think the battlefield games have had a game mode like this before. Of course fighters would have be tweaked for this to work.

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